The garden awakes (Sunday photoblog)

in ruthphotostories •  19 days ago

Who doesn't appreciate a lazy Sunday with a garden that is slowly waking up as spring will be here in a month? A morning walk in the garden and I already saw the new buds on the trees, slowly getting ready for spring, when they will open up and bloom, adorning the naked tree branches with their beautiful petals.

ruth-girl_sunday shots (4).JPG

The temperatures were really nice today, so it was the perfect opportunity to have a cup of coffee and some hot cheesepies on the balcony. And what can one find under the railing?

Ah! A lovely green eight-legged lady!

ruth-girl_sunday shots (2).JPG

Ok, now let's shed some more light on her.

ruth-girl_sunday shots (3).JPG

Any better now?

ruth-girl_sunday shots (7).JPG

Oh! What is that thing on the shoe stand? Some kind of beetle or shield bug?

ruth-girl_sunday shots (1).JPG

I have no idea...

ruth-girl_sunday shots (12).JPG

But I like the texture of its wings!

ruth-girl_sunday shots (13).JPG

And here you can see @trumpman's new game to keep the dog occupied...

ruth-girl_sunday shots (5).JPG

After some minutes of trying and trying...

ruth-girl_sunday shots (9).JPG

She finally took her toy off!

ruth-girl_sunday shots (10).JPG

You bought me a necklace, huh?

ruth-girl_sunday shots (11).JPG

You thought I'd wear that shitty thing for ever, boss?

ruth-girl_sunday shots (14).JPG

Next time it better have some diamonds on! Cheap-pants!

All images by @ruth-girl (not free for re-use) with Nikon D3400 - 2019

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Στην Kίνα όλα αυτά τα ζωύφια τα μικρά τα τρώνε... Έχω ακούσει τηγανιτά ότι είναι πολύ νόστιμα... Μία που έχεις μπόλικα δεν το δοκιμάζεις??? :P


Στη Κίνα τρώνε και τα σκυλιά πάντως 😊


Καλημέρα, και εγώ νομίζω ότι έχουμε φάει γάτες και σκύλους από πολλά σουβλατζίδικα :)


Μπάααα, λέω να νηστεψω 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Aw a sweet doggo, just what I needed to see this morning, even if I am seeing your post a little late @ruth-girl and I LOVE the colour on that spider! I'm always inspired by Nature and her colour palette.

I cannot wait for Spring this year and to get back to my garden.


Oh yes! The garden is a haven for relaxing and letting all worries go. On which continent are you spending spring? 😝

And by the way, why are you not on Whaleshares?

I've never seen this kind of beetle before. It looks like a "skirt and blouse" insect (Rove beetle).

Meanwhile, @trumpman's dog has more swag than some "slay queens" 😂😂


Hehehe, she is a princess, Sammi!

Your dog is very beautiful, you really took some great pictures


Thank you!!

@ruth-girl, These pictures are showcasing true life for sure. When spring will arrive the whole earth reborns with new and fresh beautiful and breathtaking aspects. That dog is having pleasant time there and those pictures are really fun to explore. Stay blessed.


Oh thank you so much for the visit and beautiful words!!
Have a great day @chireerocks!!


Welcome and thank you so much. Enjoy your time ahead.

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