An unexpected visitor...

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Hera found a "trespasser" last night!


It's a poor young hawk with a wounded tail.


There were no feathers on its tail and its skin is exposed, poor thing, it must hurt a lot. We found it a little after midnight and we placed it safely into a carton box. After giving it some water with a syringe, we covered the box with an old blouse making sure the handle holes were left uncovered and air would get inside the box.


In the morning @trumpman found it standing in the box, apparently it had got over the first shock. We contacted the Anima, a wildlife rescue center for more details and we are waiting to see whether we're gonna need to send them the poor hawk tomorrow.

For the time being our visitor seems to be getting better, it eats and drinks water. We moved it into a bigger box so that it can walk around more freely.


Let's hope that it will soon fly to meet its destiny!

Just like our other visitor from last year...


...the lost baby owl Hera found in the garden (again). Once again we followed Anima's instructions and the little baby was found by its parents and flew away a couple of days later.

I wonder what Hera's going to find next year. She seems to be discovering bigger and bigger flying friends so who knows...

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