Nuclear Explosion in Russia (Second Chernobyl Case?)

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Two weeks ago, an accident took place during the nuclear tests at the Arctic Circle in Russia. The Chernobyl disaster came to mind after the government's statement that four measuring centers had failed immediately after the accident.
Almost everyone has heard about the events in Chernobyl at least once, even if they did not do a detailed research on it. An incident similar to the Chernobyl disaster, which can be understood as a disaster even without having to go deeper, took place in Russia and spread fear to the world.

An explosion occurred on August 8 during nuclear missile trials at the Russian Arctic Circle. Five nuclear engineers were killed and six injured. When looked at, these figures are innocent figures according to Chernobyl, but what happens after the accident increases the severity of the event.

Russian nuclear explosion

Moscow hasn't shared anything about what has happened since the accident, and it keeps everything that happened after the accident a secret. What is happening that night is coming to light. This is actually the part of the event reminiscent of Chernobyl. Two days after the accident, nuclear surveillance centers in the cities of Dubna and Kirov stopped data flows. Three days later, Zalesevo near Kazakhstan and Bilibino nuclear measuring centers in eastern Russia were also silenced.


Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a visit to France during the week, said that everything about the leak is under control, but everyone is comfortable to say that the events of this concealment of the people naturally created concern. In fact, one of the officials working in one of the hospitals where the wounded were removed, said health personnel were not warned about radiation. One hour later, the wounded were exposed to very high doses of radiation, and no measures were taken. The wounded were then transferred to a hospital in Moscow where radiation specialists were present. The status of health personnel is unknown.