A Muscovite accused his son of stealing cryptocurrency for more than 100 million rubles

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Cryptocurrencies have caused discord in one Russian family, according to the Telegram channel Mash.

In 2017, a resident of Moscow decided to make money on cryptocurrencies and registered on the stock exchanges. He instructed his son to equip the mining farm and look after it, on the condition that he would provide the company with finances. The amount of investments for the year amounted to 18.5 million rubles. It was decided to work with cryptocurrencies within the framework of the law, for which the company "Skorokhod" was registered, the director of which was the son.

In April, the 45-year-old father found out about the poor managerial success of his 23-year-old son and fired him. He also demanded to return control over cryptocurrency assets through the transfer of private keys. It turned out that there were only 18 million in the wallets, that is, 500 thousand less than the amount invested. In addition, at the current exchange rate, the amount of assets should have been 137 million.

Not having counted a large sum, the father filed a report on the theft of his son to the police. Verification is underway.