Even Seasoned Runners Make Rookie Mistakes

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In the past two to three weeks I have been experiencing excruciating knee pains (left worse than right) and joint pains in my ankles and feet. I was starting to think my days of serious running was over. And, as a runner of 16 years... that was heartbreaking to think about.

I was recently watching the finals on American Ninja Warrior and it was painful to watch the most experienced ninjas go out early because of all the pressure. Some were even falling on the first obstacle! It reminded me that it's okay for seasoned athletes to make mistakes.

In my line of work, I am frequently working with people that have communicable diseases and infections, so I recently got out of the habit of carrying my water bottle into their rooms. I was always careful to sanitize and what not but started getting paranoid so stopped taking my water bottle to work. Mistake! I took every and all precautions for years (12 years in healthcare now) and never got sick so I feel pretty confident about that ability.

Bottom line my water intake was too low for a runner. My boyfriend (who frequently does NOT drink enough water) was like, "you been drinking enough water?" I was slightly annoyed like duh, of course. Until i realized I was not intaking enough for a runner & he was right. Joints need lubrication!. As soon as I got my hydration back up, joints started feeling better, but not perfect.

Next, my Mom who used to be a runner was like, "gotten any new shoes lately?" Sheepishly, I was like um no..... and for my mileage I need new shoes about every four months.

I'm embarrassed to say how long it's been. Let's just say, far too long. I have very high arches and need to cushion for supination protection so I hauled ass today and got some new running shoes.

I decided to switch back to asics. I was in mizunos for a while but nothing compares to the unmistakable cushion you get from an asics.

I do think I have beginning stages of arthritis in my left knee and I know I have painful adhesions in my feet (that are being treated.)

Today I road tested these new asics and boy, oh boy, what an amazing experience. I will never let my shoes go too long like that again. 16 years of running first time I did this. Rookie mistake.

Stay humble my running and athletic friends. Sometimes if something isn't working, gotta go back to square one.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to leave me a comment, always love to hear from you!
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Thanks! They do the job

We all get into ruts or routines . Glad you figured your way out with the help of mom and B-friend.


Yeah i was in a rut basically and just not thinking i guess


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My physio told me to steer clear of Mizunos for much the same reason. I've got a pair of Fila runners / trainers now, and (to me) they're even more comfortable than the ASICS I used to use.

The only problem I had with ASICS was the breathable mesh at the front, no matter how perfectly manicured my big toe-nail would be, it would always find a way to burst through.


Never tried fila. I'm a physio myself and notoriously stubborn which is why imma embarrassed i let it get this out of control. If i don't end up doing well with these asics I'll try the filas never tried though


STEEM: The people you'll meet are endless! Never knew you were a physio! I'm a size 14 in the shoe, which means I basically wear what I can find, because size 14 is hard to comeby here in Australia.

Your post also reminded me to stay hydrated today, so that's a benefit!


Steemit is so full of diverse people! Oh yeah i bet a 14 is hard to find. Keep hydrated =)

Right now my right knee has trama in it. For a few different reasons but it can certainly sneak up and be an issue fast.


Oh no! Been icing it? All those cuts and turns on the basketball course can cause that. Be careful. Try icing even with a bag of pees 3x/day 15-30 minutes at a time with it elevated/ propped up. We are too young to be incapacitated!


I have been lazy on icing it. That is part of the problem. There is a lot of trama in that knee.


Oh my. Get to icing bro!!

I just bought a second hand pair of ASICS for 10 bucks. I figure the previous owner didn’t wreck them the way I would so I should get a month or two out of them. Super important to rotate shoes when you work out more than 2 or 3 times a week.


Precisely! Any athlete should be doing this. No more being a dumb ass here. I have to last, i wanna be that 60-70 y/o still out there doing it!

Isn't funny how so often it really is the simplest things? I think all of us runners have been there before. One of my running buddies was just telling me she woke up with an awful calf cramp the other night and it made her realize she hadn't been drinking near enough water either.

I'm about due for some new shoes, as well, but I've been putting it off since they stopped making my favorite style. I've been debating sticking with Merrell (I do really like the brand overall) or trying something different. Decisions, decisions... ;)


I hear ya! Merrell wasn't cushiony enough for me with my high arches but they are a good brand.

No need to be a masochist to run well... but a bit of pain could make you stronger. ;)

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