I’m back! Thank goodness for that!

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Forgive me Father for I have run. It has been two weeks since my last training session.

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The weather was quite nice today, for the depths of winter, and I managed to sneak away early from work to try and go for a run. My knee started out a bit grumpy, but as things warmed up it settled down a bit.

I just went slowly around my 10km circuit, stopping at every public bathroom I came to. I really shouldn’t drink so much tea just before going for a run. I could feel my IT band, and my muscles working, but it was not painful.

So I turned the music up and just cruised around my circuit at a moderate pace. No point in pushing things on my first run back.

By the time I got to the small hill climb about 9kms in I was ready for a challenge, so instead of walking up, I ran up. It all felt remarkably easy.

Another loo stop at the bottom of the hill and then it was just skip around the corner and climb the steep hill up towards my house. Because I had been going quite slowly, I had plenty of gas still in the tank, so I pushed hard going up the hill – and felt good doing it.

My right foot is quite sore now. I’m not sure why. I think it might mean that I need new shoes. My road shoes are not that old. I’ve only had them for about…. 15 years. Most of the sole is gone, the uppers have holes in them from where my feet used to rub against each other, and the laces keep coming undone. But I’m sure they’ve got a few more miles in them.

Apart from that, I’m actually feeling quite good. So it looks like I’m nearly back on track. And now it’s time to start looking ahead to the next big challenge.

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I know that you are a Spartan Runner but, come on, 15 years for a Running shoes is too much...I'm sure your IT band will appreciate a new pair :-)


heheh I'm sure it would. It's not often I get sore feet from running, so I'm not sure what that is all about.

I think it s more likely related to the strength training I've started doing.

As for new shoes... we'll have to wait until payday and see how much I get paid. Otherwise I might have to look int the whole barefoot running thing ;-)


barefoot ultrarunner? get recovered first!

Your absence has been noted young man....
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Thanks. It's still insane at work. But i think I can see the end of it.

Now that the WUU2K is over an done with, I can relax a bit and start the buildup fr the next big challenge.

But... no hurry eh? ;-)

Welcome back, Trevor... let’s go running together?!


A huge hug from @amico!

*Don't listen to your mind: open your heart and run for sensations.

Resteemed by @runningproject

We need to see some pictures of those shoes.


Hmmmm........... not sure that they are that exciting. But I'll see what i can do hehe

Having good breathing while running can have a good impact so we don't get sluggish quickly.
sometimes we run fast tired because we are too eager to run but forget to calculate when we should run fast and choose slowly when running to keep the breath.