Utmana backen #2 (Challenge the Hill) #runforsteem #runingproject

in running •  last year 

Yesterday it was time once again for me to challenge the hill. 8 laps on a 750 m long course, up along the skilift and down along the bike tracks.

Last time I managed to finish in 43:14. About two minutes behind the current leader (41:20).

Now I was more prepared. I had taken 22 g of baking soda a bit risky since I hadn't tried baking soda during training before and one of the risks is nausea and in some cases diarrhea :)
But it's worth the risks for an improvement in between 1 and 3 %

How did the challenge go then? I attacked the hill more furiously then last time and managed to finish in 39:36.
New course record!

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