10K run today <3 proud

in running •  4 months ago

Very proud. My shape is jæbetter now after only 3 weeks of ecxercising after long break.

Time was 1hour 10min. Not thw best but i am fuc#@ng happy with that time. Inguess ibwill never be in the olympisæc so if i mabage 10K on 1h this year that is great. And half marathon in 2h 20min then i am happy.

I had lore to give today but i guess u stopped in the right timem i dont want any injuries.

Have been running the last year. But only 20-30min runsScreenshot_20180717-231034_Strava.jpg

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10k running is awesum bro but do keep in mind my friend also about injuries and your health.safety and health comes first.... :)

love @sumeetsingh


Yeah that whu i don run that long so often.

And i do alt of hill running and walkong and running with weight vest 15-30kg.

But thanks for the care man ! :)

My friends @scandinaviaguide 10k running how is possible? I'm shocked, Really good man, i think you have much energy


Not too much. Only a bit over 1 hour.

And my time is nlt great. But im happy and thank a lot.

Wantkng to run a half marathon this year. 21,4Km next year maybe full marathon 42,8 km