Friends on the run

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Oslo is so wet at the moment. It has been raining for weeks with just minor breaks and today was no exception. Luckily I had a running date with three friends at 9 am this morning so I was excited to get outside. I put on woolen clothes to keep warm (rain and 5deg C is cold!) and went out. My feet were wet from the start but I kept warm and had a lovely run. 10.6 km with 6:15 pace. Perfect start of the day. Now I have the rest of the day to food prep for the week. I’ll be alone with the kids this week and with all the homework and after-school activities it’ll be busy enough so having dinners ready will help a lot. Oh, and next week’s runs will most likely be on my dreadmill after they are asleep. #mumlife

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Nothing can stop a consistent Runner.

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...and enjoy a good recovery !BEER

Dreadmill? 😀

Hope you are doing well and pushing through the week.

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Thanks. I’m surviving.
Dreadmill is a common nickname for the dreaded threadmill right?

:) Yes for dreadmill. I have a better approach - don't use it and go out no matter what :)

I have two kids too small to stay home alone so I don’t always have the opportunity to go outside.

Very interesting, last weekend also trailed in the woods and marshes

Not always easy to make running compatible with homework. Good run!

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Running is good for health

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Hey @marenontherun, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!