The Ambient Church @ Night (thoughts on running in the dark)

in running •  2 months ago

Out at night, like a ninja.


Step 1. Put on the Ambient Playlist.

Step 2. Run

Step 3. Enter the "other world."

In the video that follows, I talk about running at night, and why I often prefer it to running in the daytime. I also lament the good, bad, and in between of being a blogger and feeling the need to talk about everything on camera all the damn time. Although today, after I began filming, I felt good having this little conversation with myself. And don't get me wrong, I love it! Just with things the way they are on right now, it takes a lot of work/quantity to make a minimum payout, so I talk into the camera more than a lot. Glad to make anything, at the end of the day! That said, SCORUM is kicking ass so far, so I am going to be investing some more attention there.

What about you? When do you like to run?




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Murakami Haruki is my favorite novelist of all time!!! When I first saw your name and found out you were in Japan, I had a feeling it was based on his 'Kafka on the Shore,' which incidentally was the first book of his that I ever read. I've since read, Norwegian Wood & 1Q84, though reading all of his works is definitely on my bucket list! :D


Excellent!!! So cool to hear. He is probably my favorite as well. I think that Kafka on the Shore is my favorite novel of his so far. I just finished WHAT I TALK ABOUT WHEN I TALK ABOUT RUNNING last night, too. :)


Apart from his first novel, I think "WHAT I TALK ABOUT ...." is the only other book of his that I have not YET read. A truly great writer.


He's definitely one of my favorites ... and a strong candidate for my favorite or all time. I find almost all of his writing to be a bit off the wall, intriguing, though-provoking, and always easy to read.

I found 1Q84 a bit long, and not quite as engrossing as some of my other faves. But then I read his next novel – "Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki ..." It's way up high on my list of fave Murakami novels. Highly recommended!

What about you? When do you like to run?

morning or evening, not in night.
scary, dangerous and such^^
like running through the woods or green areas. that's different to a city too.


Yes, running in a natural setting is always wonderful, isn't it?



Not long ago, running in the dark would be my immediate go to. However, now, living on a mountain that gets very dark at night, and in an area with plenty of drunk drivers and narrow dirt roads; it's not ideal for me anymore. Now, I try to go running first thing in the morning but often times I find myself getting lazy about that and putting it off until it gets to a point where it's like "ah, I'll go tomorrow". I did however go for a run this morning and it felt great!


Ooh yeah, dark mountain roads. I would avoid that as well. Very dangerous for runners, as you say. Glad you had a great run!