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in running •  9 months ago 

I almost didn't make it out for a run this morning.

My mind was all over the place with all of the things I wanted to accomplish today. But I was proud of myself for realizing that that's exactly why I needed a run. I needed to move my body in order to release some of that energy and allow myself to attack my tasks with a clear and focused head. So out I went! Into the cold, misty Toronto streets. It's definitely fall now.

As dreary as it was, as soon as I got my legs pumping, I didn't mind the weather as much. Heck, I was even enjoying the cool air. The trees in Coronation park looked extra magical and mysterious.


I returned after my 8 km to a very efficient and effective working afternoon. :)


What does running do for you? Why do you run? How does it make you feel?

Stay tuned ;)

Jackie O


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Good on you for gettin' out there! Hardest part is always just gettin' out the door.


So true @runburgundy! Haha. Don't think, just do. If you stop and think about it, it makes it so much harder to get your ass out the door. :P


hahahaha.. That is the toughest part bro