10Km Train Run With 1650 meter Elevation Gain

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The 10k trail run in Himachal Pradesh is any other 10k instead it is a 10k with 1650 meter overall elevation gain.
Start point was Bir (1500m) sharp at 7am. We were two, I was running with my friend. We got Mobile, 2 bars of snickers, 2 liter water and one gos watch, which was on his wrist.
We reached Hanumangarh top in just 2:15 hours. The climb was amazingly steep. After having 5 minute water break on top descent to Bir via another route.
It was a worth it day. Satisfied with myself .

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Wow this is truly badass! Respect man ✊

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Thank you @michelmake, all the credit goes to training.

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That's true, but still, that takes some motivation and determination as well :)

I am staying on 2450 meter altitude, I think the elevation is become motivation for me.

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