Washed out access roads: A regular sight on our runs in the countryside

in #running4 months ago

We tend to make our runs be out of town if possible. It is kind of frowned upon if a trail involves too much pavement no matter where we are and thankfully Chiang Mai has a load of farms and unused hilly land as well as national parks close to the city center so we can get to these more remote sites a lot easier than people could in other areas like Phuket, Pattaya, or Bangkok - which are the 3 largest HHH chapters in this country other than our own.

One thing we do frequently see and use on our runs is something that people might call "farm roads." These roads are not frequently used by the owners and tend to be pretty rugged territory as well. The people who use them probably don't use them enough to sort them out properly and as I experienced in the last place that I lived making a road, even a simple one, is a lot more expensive than you might think. Therefore the owners just make due with what they can get.


Every year the little trenches in these roads get more and more profound and I would imagine that the people who use them regularly only repair them once they get to be dangerous for their vehicles. After all, if they did fill them in the next big rain would simply wash it out again, so there isn't much point in bothering to do that. Nature finds a way to reclaim what was taken no matter what you do, so I think the locals here just take it slow in their cars and motorbikes, and deal with the problem when it gets to be too cumbersome or deadly.


It works out nicely for our runs though because it is remote enough that it is quiet and even though it is technically still a road, it doesn't feel like one when you are running on it. It keeps the punters from complaining about having a running trail that is too urban, that's for sure. It also makes for a run where people are going to be a lot less likely to get hopelessly lost in the jungle, which doesn't happen often but it is annoying when it does. Follow one of these country roads for a bit and you will eventually make it back to a main road where someone will come and pick you up.

Come and join us if you find yourself in the Chiang Mai area. We go on at least 3 runs a week and everyone is welcome again. You can find details on our official website if you feel so inclined. It will change your life for the better. I promise!


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