The massive amount of Hashes in Thailand

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I talk quite a bit about how there are chapters all over the world for the Hash House Harriers and no matter where you are there is a good chance that there is a chapter near you. I hadn't realized exactly how many there were just here in Thailand until someone published a genealogy of all of the Hashes that ever existed here and how many of them are active now. It kind of blew my mind to see how many there were and no, they are not just in Chiang Mai and Phuket, they are all over the place and even in some cities in this country that I have never heard of despite being here for many years.


I didn't count them all and some of them are listed as "no longer active" but it was still pretty impressive to see how many groups there have been and how popular the notion has been all over Thailand for so many years. This is especially great when you consider that the entire notion of Hashing has only been around for about 80 years or so.


For any of the Hashers our there that are interested in seeing this list here in the link

Apparently, these guys keep a relatively accurate genealogy for Hashes all around the world and with the the help of the Hash chapters in question they keep it as accurate as possible I would imagine.

So I guess you could say that I was pleased that it is this widespread and also a bit surprised that I hadn't heard about these things and didn't really even know what the Hash House Harriers were even all about until I moved to Chiang Mai. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that they don't really advertise. Basically if you don't know a Hasher already, you probably aren't going to hear about their events.

Well now you know me and I am inviting you to our events. We do them at least thrice weekly and the details are available on our official website


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