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Today is so sunny. It is not like the rainy season. In the forenoon, I did my running workout. Last Saturday, I did my workout in the afternoon and suffered from the hotness. Today the hotness was not so hard, as I ran before it got hot. The sea breeze was also cool.

But as I remembered the hellish workout of the last Saturday, I set the pace of today’s long running at 4’50”~5’00”/km, a slowish pace. After 30km, my legs became a little heavy, but I finished 35km at set pace.

As the result of today’s workoout, the total running distance of this month reached 160km. That is to say, I ran 160km in 16 days. In order to run 300km in a month, this distance is barely enough. If many days will be rainy and that will prevent me from running in the latter half of this month, it will be difficult to 300km in this month. Can I achieve my goal, 300km/month?

Today's running profile is as follows.

Distance(距離) : 35.0km
Time(タイム) : 2:52'47"53
Average Pace(平均ペース) : 4'55" /km
Speed(スピード) : 12.2 km/h
Calories-out(消費カロリー) : 1,901 kcal
Steps(歩数) : 30,370
Shoes(シューズ) : WAVE RIDER 20 (total distance : 168.8km)
Temperature(気温): 20.7~22.8℃
Humidity(湿度): 53~55%
Lap time(ラップタイム) :
1km 4’54” /km
2km 4’46” /km
3km 4’52” /km
4km 4’57” /km
5km 5’04” /km
6km 4’52” /km
7km 5’01” /km
8km 4’55” /km
9km 5’00” /km
10km 4’55” /km
11km 4’55” /km
12km 4’52” /km
13km 4’54” /km
14km 4’58” /km
15km 4’56” /km
16km 4’52” /km
17km 4’55” /km
18km 4’53” /km
19km 4’59” /km
20km 4’50” /km
21km 4’53” /km
22km 4’54” /km
23km 4’54” /km
24km 5’00” /km
25km 4’53” /km
26km 4’53” /km
27km 4’54” /km
28km 4’50” /km
29km 4’56” /km
30km 4’54” /km
31km 5’03” /km
32km 4’53” /km
33km 4’52” /km
34km 4’59” /km
35km 5’14” /km

Thanks for your reading. Let's enjoy running together !


Full Marathon : 3:20'09" ( The 38th Sasayama ABC Marathon, 4th March 2018 )
Half Marathon : 1:28'09" ( The 2nd HAT Kobe Dream Run, 7th January 2018 )

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