My Running Log 2018-06-09 <Hellish 30K, Near to Death > ランニング記録2018-06-09 <地獄の30K、死にかける> — Steemit

My Running Log 2018-06-09 <Hellish 30K, Near to Death > ランニング記録2018-06-09 <地獄の30K、死にかける>

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Today I worked until early afternoon. Usually, I go for a workout after returning home once. But it takes about half an hour to return home from my workplace. As today I wanted to save the time, I went for a workout from workplace without returning home. I used a running bag for the first time to run with business baggage and clothes.

After I walked a little way from my workplace, I started the running workout befor 14 o’clock. The running bag was so comfortable that I feel little weight of my baggage. So I ran comfortably at the beginnig of the workout.

But the fact is, I was shouldering the weight, even if I didn’t feel so. The weight robbed me of vitality without my realizing. Additionally, today was very shiny and hot unlike the weather forecast. The hotness and strong sunshine robbed me of more vitality than the weight of my baggage.

At Harbor Walk, Elementary school students were making sketches of ships. Be careful of heatstroke, good boys and girls. ( Well, me, too, of course.)

At the latter half of the workout, I became very exhausted. After that, the workout was hellish. I managed to run 30km, which was today’s minimum quota, with taking brief rests and drinking fluids many times. I haven’t done this painful 30K in a long time. I was lucky not to die of heatstroke.

Today's running profile is as follows.

Distance(距離) : 30.3km
Time(タイム) : 2:28'17"08
Average Pace(平均ペース) : 4'52" /km
Speed(スピード) : 12.3 km/h
Calories-out(消費カロリー) : 1,635 kcal
Steps(歩数) : 25,969
Shoes(シューズ) : WAVE RIDER 20 (total distance : 111.8km)
Lap time(ラップタイム) :
1km 5’11” /km
2km 4’33” /km
3km 4’46” /km
4km 4’34” /km
5km 4’43” /km
6km 4’41” /km
7km 4’40” /km
8km 4’34” /km
9km 4’36” /km
10km 4’45” /km
11km 4’47” /km
12km 4’46” /km
13km 4’49” /km
14km 4’47” /km
15km 4’47” /km
16km 4’55” /km
17km 4’38” /km
18km 4’49” /km
19km 4’56” /km
20km 4’55” /km
21km 5’03” /km
22km 4’57” /km
23km 5’02” /km
24km 5’13” /km
25km 5’13” /km
26km 5’10” /km
27km 4’59” /km
28km 5’11” /km
29km 5’01” /km
30km 5’07” /km

Thanks for your reading. Let's enjoy running together !


Full Marathon : 3:20'09" ( The 38th Sasayama ABC Marathon, 4th March 2018 )
Half Marathon : 1:28'09" ( The 2nd HAT Kobe Dream Run, 7th January 2018 )

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Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.
Dean Karnazes

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Glad you made it through safely. Heat and humidity is no joke, so be careful out there!


Thanks for your concern ! I will be careful.

30km!? You are the next level...


Thanks !!