📢 Reorganization is coming: New Year -- New Rudex!

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While we are more widely known for RuDEX, which will be 2 years in March, our small Decentralized Autonomous Cooperative Blockchained has been going strong for more than two years now, and here we would like to share our insights that we gained over the period, and also make some announcements regarding some conclusions that we’ve come to as the result of this experience.

We all met on Steem and quickly got acquainted with another good graphene-based project that existed at the time, which was Bitshares. We started with an idea of a Graphene Ambassadors, as we loved the technology, and at the time a lot of new Graphene-based projects were launching, that looked cool, and we wanted to support.

Perhaps we were extrapolating our experience with communities of Steem and Bitshares, but we were looking at working with the communities of those new projects, expecting them to want similar instruments, and expecting similar behavior, and doing similar things.

Over time we’ve understood that not all the projects have communities that are as active as others, we’ve also learned that while some things are welcome and cheap for us to do, while others don’t really work without actual community engagement and feedback.

Thus we’ve decided to concentrate more on the informational and outreach parts of some of the projects while continuing to maintain the infrastructure and fully commit our resources to support more active and interesting ones. We’ve also come to understand that a lot of people expect us to have clear rules of listing, requirements, etc, so we’re working on them, as well as the fee schedules for different chains. We’re planning to keep 0% trading fee on those projects that we fully support, as for others, we’ll be setting the fee to the one that we have on our chains with fees, which is 0.05%, and as far as we know are one of the lowest fees on the exchange market.

Our plan for the new year is to concentrate our resources on the projects with communities who actually use our services, release our initial and continued listing requirements, as well as roll out more services on the chains that we’re interested in.

Market fee changes

- golos - 0.05%

- gbg - 0.05%

- steem - 0.05%

- sbd - 0.05%

- scorum - 0.05%

- eos -0.05%

- whaleshares - 0.05%

- viz - 0.05%

We wish you all Happy New Year, interesting projects, big profits and all the best!

RuDEX & Blockchained Team