Letter to my sweet couple!

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Hello @Rougebot - @Kristyyd!

Congratulations to you guys, finally, Bots can marry to humans! I was waiting for @rougebot to come up with his happy-happy post. And yeah! Still no face reveal, bots are a bit shy to humans? Isn't it @rougebot? I read his post and it was like Dreams come true. Just in case you want my introduction - Simple human! I do reveal my face. Bachelor from status and finding someone to get mingle and @rougebot's post will be my guideline from now! It's like MSP ne Bana di Jodi, @roguebot just do a google translate and you will get what I am saying!

Good thing is that we are getting regular updates from @roguebot however he kept final date a secret, all we knew is that he is going to do something different for her love @kristyyd. I was thinking about the links but was totally amazed after reading that both the lovebird met on MSP Discord server, finally, I will try to get more active on MSP server just in case I get lucky as @rougebot. I must reveal one more thing that @rougebot is the person who boosted me up in my down days on steemit. And all I can say is that I am here and still blogging is because of @rougebot and his words. Now I know how he impressed @kristyyd! Now what I will do is steal all @rougebot's poems and will try my best to impress girls. His words has magic, he can even make Kim Jong Un to stop nuclear sites and just fall in love!

@kristyyd, @rougebot is the luckiest guy as he is having you in his life-journey. Without you, he might be still playing with bolts and nuts. Now change his life and make him human, we can't see bot winning and we losing! Public appeal! Just-in-case he gets angry, splash water on him, I have heard somewhere "Bots are not aquatic!" And if @kristyyd gets angry, poem-time! Trap her in your love-words, lol!

I wish you all the luck, enjoy-live life!

~ Your well-wisher @vishalsingh4997!

Not going to say where I am in this pic, find it! @rougebot!

Baby @rougebot!


Man, you are the sweetest person I ever met as a friend. First of all awesome letter, I literally am smiling like crazy. Thanks for you kindest of words really appreciate that my human friend.

And oh I think you are the one in the black shirt and jeans I guess. Hope to see you soon my friend. Btw Kristyyd also said thanks for this lovely post.


Gotcha!! Easy to predict

:) super sweet!! Thank you so much