Lyn Ulbricht's Plea | A New Letter From Ross Ulbricht! | Coinvention Philadelphia

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Ross Ulbricht was the Founder and Creator of the original Silk Road Website circa 2011.

His aim was to provide a Free Market that would allow people to buy and sell whatever they wanted using cryptocurrency through the Silk Road Website. Bitcoin had only been created about two years prior, so it is very rational to say that the silk road economy played a large role in the practical adoption and early expansion of the bitcoin network!

So what did the government decide to do to him when they found out some users on the website bought and sold some weed? They gave him a Double Life Sentence plus an additional 40 years in a maximum security prison in Colorado.

For being a fucking web designer.....

Lyn Ulbricht is Ross's Mother and is his only Lifeline to the real world. She spends her days traveling the world, speaking about the horrific injustice and how it affects way more than just Ross and her family.

Lyn explains it all to Carmen (@chickencaam) of The State of Anarchy at Coinvention 2018 in Philadelphia!


It's worth mentioning that the people who sold the actual drugs on the platform got little to no punishment, with the next-in-line worst sentencing being 10 years.


Yet they give the man who created a free Market Economy that functioned outside of the government's influence a double life sentence plus 40 years....

What does that say about our government and it's motivations?

"Most clear-headed people who can see what should be, are against this sentence. It is absolutely barbaric and unnecessary. People's lives are being destroyed while the Government is making money, as are Private Prisons, as are lots of subsidiary industries off of Mass Incarceration" - Lyn Ulbricht

And Mass Incarceration is no joke. People are starting to realize how much money there is to be made by locking people up in cages. Here are some Private Prison Statistics Courtesy of NBC News:


"If you're making money off of Human Lives, as far as I'm concerned, that's Human Trafficking" - Lyn Ulbricht

TSOA Couldn't Agree More...

The whole story smells rather fishy and I (@chickencaam) personally think it is a conspiracy to scare people away from The Crypto Space as well as the concept of True Free Markets and Liberty!

Please if you are still reading this, that means you can help! Go to and Sign the Petition to commute Ross's Sentence!

Instagram: @thestateofanarchy
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It's amazing what Ross' mother is doing for him. By going to these crypto events she can raise a massive attention to his case. She should continue doing so and even come to Anarchapulco next year. Someone should pitch that idea to Jeff.

I have some ideas for having privatized prisons in the free market that are incentivized to rehabilitate and reassimilate inmates into society rather than keep them in a cage.


Interesting.... Who would do the sentencing? and Could a prison where people are forced to go to ever really be considered free?


Exactly, it's not the problem that they're private prisons. The problem lies in the fact that govt is in bed with them and do the sentencing, which is literally the definition of fascism - the merger of state and corporate powers.

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