Tips For Growing Roses

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Hey Steemit,

I've been out tending to my roses today and taking some snaps on my phone. I thought I would share with you some of my tips for getting your roses up to scratch. My roses aren't quite at the standard that I would like to get to, but they're a lot better than where they were a few years ago, where I would struggle to get them to take hold after planting.

I have some climbers and miniature roses photographed here and they have taken hold quite nicely in the rose bed that I have them planted in.



Other than that, let's look at some fundamental theory of rose growing to see what you need to do to get the best results:

Tip Number 1:

Roses need a full day of sunlight, or as much sunlight as possible. Good positioning in the garden is paramount and it's best if they get sunlight as early in the morning as possible. Don't plant them where they'll be stuck in the shade for large parts of the day. I have mine planted where there is nothing blocking the east.

Tip Number 2:

Treat your soil with a rose specific fertilizer. Make sure the soil is well drained and aerated. It's best if you build rose beds a foot or so off the ground using commercially produced organic soil. If you're using existing soil in-situ, spend a few weeks conditioning it with organic matter and digging it over before you plant your roses.

Tip Number 3:

Be on the lookout for any mold, leaf fungus or pests. Keep the foliage dry and never water it. If you overhead water it then it will mostly like foster the growth of some sort of fungus. Always water close to the ground and never get the rose plant itself wet.

Tip Number 4:

Water your roses infrequently. Roses don't like a lot of regular watering. They do need it, but keep it infrequent. Never let the soil get completely bone dry though.

Thanks for reading Steemit friends!

~ La Dolce Firma ~


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