RON PAUL CHALLENGE - #RonPaulChallenge #Week1 #Entry 1 - Answer the question of the Week - Week 1

Hi everyone,

I'm starting a NEW contest. It's called the "RON PAUL CHALLENGE" and the rules are simple. All you have to do is answer the Ron Paul question in any form you choose - a photo, a meme, a poem, a video, a drawing - anything that answers the question of the week.

I tagged multiple people on here that are Ron Paul enthusiasts - let's make this challenge a great way to meet fellow principled advocates of freedom! Please share away this contest.


What is your favorite memory of any Ron Paul event?


Title of every entry must contain "RonPaulChallenge# - Week# Entry #"
First tag of post must be #RonPaulChallenge
Each user can have up to 3 entries that will be considered in challenge
You can create a meme, a poem, a video, anything that answers the "question of the week" must contain text
End of challenge will be on Sundays at 9:00 PM (MST) (Winner for this contest will be July 23)

How to support challenge:

Vote on this post
Resteem this post
Create at least one entry
If you are interested to be guest judge on next challenge contact me at
If you have a principle or discussion point for the challenge post it in reply of this post or contact me at
If you have some extra money donate it to make new challenge possible

Ron Paul is the greatest orator and politician in the history of the world.

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Go ahead and answer the question:


What is your favorite memory of any Ron Paul event?

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I tagged over 30 people on this and received only 1 upvote... and we're talking about RON PAUL!? And only 7 people viewed this post as of Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 10:15 p.m. MST? Heartbreaking...