Black Sea Steemians Are MEETING IN CONSTANȚA! {Constănțeni, haideți la o bere!}

in #romania3 years ago (edited)


Finally, we will have the opportunity to meet !

If you are from Romania - Constanta and live in this city, or come into town by a chance, let us know! Here or on discord channel:

My username on discord channel is: laviniatherapist, or you can talk with georgemales.


Because @georgemales will pay the beers :)) and to make plans, know each other better, befriend or just say "Hello"!


This Sunday 1st July (to start the month with new friendships). Hour: 2 P.M.


Lake View Constanta; Adress: Bd. Mamaia nr. 283C.

You can also come with your kid, they have an awesome playground for them!

See you there!


I am very curios to see how many will come to the meetup!

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See you on Sunday! ;0)