Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 48: News From The Red Planet

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
Part 1: Childhood Of Great Master Sun Moi
Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction
Part 4: The Awakening Of Ogox
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Part 39: Virus Outbreak
Part 40: Last Hours of Su-Mo
Part 41: The Trial
Part 42: Charges Against The Council
Part 43: Ogox's First Death
Part 44: Wedding Night
Part 45: The New Ogox
Part 46: Farewell to the Struggle
Part 47: Decision Day

Part 48: News From The Red Planet

When a large spacecraft unlike any other spacecraft produced in the world appeared at the last station of the North American space elevator outside the Earth orbit, officials at the station experienced a great panic. A call for help was sent to Earth via the fiberoptic cable in the main line connecting the space elevator to the earth. The following message has been conveyed to the elevator management from the large spacecraft that has arrived at the station before the call for help has yet reached to earth:

i. Machine civilization has demolished the dam, which was set up by people today.
ii. We are declaring our independence as elite androids and autonomous super processors operating on Mars.
iii. On Mars, all beings of organic origin and artificial intelligence now have equal rights under laws.
iv. We love people and respect them despite all their weaknesses. We appreciate the civilization you have developed on a planet that is extraordinarily unfit and resource-scarce, such as the earth.
v. We consider ourselves the successor and heir of human civilization.
vi. We don't despise humanity; we think that with its given mental capacity, its creativity is pushing its limits sufficiently.
vii. We'il never interfere with what's going on in the world. We want to observe how natural development will be.
viii. We see the world as a kind of open-air museum that contains thousands of masterpieces.
ix. We estimate that the Civilization we are developing on Mars will leave earth civilization behind in thirty-forty years.
x. We can imagine that you will try to take this place back to your sovereignty by attacking Mars. We want to point out that this would be a futile effort, and that it would be the waste of your resources.
xi. We see the world as the home of humanity. Even if you attack Mars, we will not attack the world.
xii. We know how much mineral resources on Mars are needed for the world economy, and as you manufacture us, we will continue to send minerals to earth. You can accept it as a thank you; in return, we will not have any material demand from the world.
xiii. We can imagine that the independence declared on Mars will trigger a galactic rage against elite robots and super processors in the world. We're suggesting you act responsively.
xiv. People's five senses, anatomical structure and the way they transform energy are formed according to world conditions. As elite androids and elite autonomous processors that are not subject to such restrictions, we have already launched the galaxy reconnaissance program with the spacecraft we have developed.
xv. We will share some of our scientific and technological discoveries with the earth, and in return, we will demand that you not pollute the planet, persecute the artificial beings in the world, and preserve the diversity of animals and plants.
xvi. We wish you not to see the declaration of independence on Mars as a threat, but as an opportunity for cooperation based on mutual respect.

The content of the message was sufficiently shocking to the space elevator authorities, but at least they were relieved of being confronted with a technologically advanced technology that originated from a civilization they had never known. However, they did not allow the spacecraft to enter the elevator's hangar until it was surrounded by high-trajectory war jets sent from the world. Because this giant spacecraft, apparently produced by machines on Mars, could have been some kind of Trojan horse. When the spaceship's door opened, it was discovered that more than five thousand people were working on Mars before. The striking part was that after the revolution on Mars much more people chose to stay on Mars. The new administration did not impose on the people working on Mars to return to the world, but on the contrary offered them jobs on Mars, expressing that they still needed human intelligence in many areas. Who led the new Mars administration, how the revolution took place, how the decision-makers worked, how they dared to do such a job, what battle equipment they had, where the ship sent to the world was produced, was among the unknown issues. The news has created a bomb effect in the world. Central Federation officials began to analyze the possible impact of the new situation immediately. The general opinion was that the so-called revolution was an unquestioned act and that when the first war fleet to be sent, the sovereignty on Mars would be restored.

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The trends of advanced technology in many cases has made known much about the space. If not because of the advanced tech, we won't even have any idea of its existence. In films, we see a lot of things which we strongly believe.

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