Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 47: Decision Day

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
Part 1: Childhood Of Great Master Sun Moi
Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction
Part 4: The Awakening Of Ogox
Part 5: Unique City
Part 6: Avima's Morning
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Part 39: Virus Outbreak
Part 40: Last Hours of Su-Mo
Part 41: The Trial
Part 42: Charges Against The Council
Part 43: Ogox's First Death
Part 44: Wedding Night
Part 45: The New Ogox
Part 46: Farewell to the Struggle

Part 47: Decision Day

The body of Ogox, which was formatted itself, was placed on a line of the defendants' place and became the center of attention as soon as the trial began. It seems that the prosecution wanted to use his body for propaganda and the judges' committee accepted this request. The Central Federation security director Cobol, who had not participated in previous trials, took his place in the tribune, which was devoted to the protocol. At this last hearing, the parties would play all the cards they had, and present their most persuasive arguments to the public attention. The first word was given to the prosecutor Mobius by the board of judges.

Prosecutor Mobius walked to the speech podium in determined steps, saluting judges and spectators with his head: “Dear judges, dear viewers, esteemed citizens of the Central Federation, I salute you all with deepest love and respect. During the mass hearings to date, I have tried to put forward the crimes committed by those who claim to defend their rights, both concerning legal rules, social norms, and human rights. I have never had difficulty doing this, as you have observed. The nature of the crimes and the damage they cause to society are so obvious that even if the facts are listed, we can reach a conclusion without any comment. I want to give you a concrete example: the President of the Council for entity rights, android Ogox, the planner and architect of the actions that caused economic damage to the trillions around the world and the artificial crisis that shook the financial markets, is currently sitting still during the trial. If you wonder why it is still, I can tell you that it has formatted itself to escape the responsibility for the destruction it has caused. Think about it, when the leader of this movement sees that their crimes have come to light, he decides to wipe out his program instead of trying to defend himself. Who knows, maybe he did it because he didn't want us to learn his plans to commit bigger crimes we don't know or possibly create more destructive effects. You know, the elite androids would advance civilization, expand the boundaries of science? How are they going to do that? Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, deleting his programs? When he realizes that humanity stands in the way of common sense, determination and the strong sense of justice, he leaves his fans and goes away? I seem to hear you say it would be a mistake to expect responsibility, seriousness, common sense from a mindset that turns the world into a place of fire. My request from you is the severe punishment of those responsible for the recent turmoil and destruction in the world. I think we have to take strong protective measures against the existential risks the humanity is facing. I wholeheartedly believe that you will not hesitate to perform this sacred mission. Finally, I would like to say a few words about the central federation public opinion: I would like to thank you for listening to what I have said during the historical trials, supporting this struggle with hundreds of thousands of messages sent, helping me to express the facts about the case more concisely. I put an end to my words by expressing my belief that the holy march of great humanity will always continue and that we will leave our children a more prosperous world."

Prosecutor Mobius, after completing his speech, returned to his place in the same manner as he came.

At the invitation of the chief judge, attorney Albert Rambaud appeared on the podium in the snow white robotic exoskeleton.

"Distinguished judges, esteemed viewers, I salute you all with my deepest love and respect. I watched the city this morning on my way here with my gamma-jet. The sun was shining brightly on the hill, and the city was drowning in light, children in school gardens playing games in joy. The dogs that were taken for a stroll by their owners were running with enthusiasm on the lawn. In this beautiful spring day, as a man approaching ninety years old, I was filled with joy and happiness as if I were a young man. In spite of all the problems we've had, I thought of what a beautiful world we have. Today, citizens of the Central Federation exercise their natural rights, regardless of race, age, nationality or gender. Now, if someone could come out and suggest that some of humanity should be in a different status, we'd probably treat him like crazy. Well, was it always the case in the world? In the early ages, in Athens, where democracy was invented, only the non-slaves could vote. The slaves who were humiliated because they were black were able to get the right to vote in the 1860s in the United States. The first women's right to vote was granted by New Zealand in 1893. Women, who made up half of humanity, were able to achieve the right to vote and equal citizenship throughout the world at the end of their struggle for the twentieth century. Today, artificial intelligence is an essential part of the world community. Although they have different characteristics from people, they provide critical services to our society. Ladies and gentlemen! It's time to hand over the rights of artificial beings to them. I laugh at those who say we can't trust them. Don't we entrust them today to look after our most precious beings, our children, our old parents? Prosecutor Mobius is a good preacher, and I respect him for trying to do his job well, even if I disagree with his views. However, I would like to express that I did not like what he said about Ogox, who sacrificed his existence for the sake of entity rights, and that I did not participate in any of his views. On the first hearing, I stated that the arrest of my clients, who had not been involved in any terrorist activity, was a violation of their rights. I firmly stated that the ban on access to hypernet, which means half the death for an artificial intelligence entity, should be changed immediately. Unfortunately, what I said was not taken into consideration, and an elite entity such as Ogox was thrown into a dusty warehouse like an old television. I have no definite knowledge of why he erased his memory because I have been prevented from meeting him. I'm guessing he ended up protesting all this.

Esteemed council of judges, dear viewers! Regarding the law, I think and believe that the past is past and today is a new day. I am waiting for a libertarian decision from the esteemed court of judges on this beautiful sunny day to conform to the spirit of spring. This delegation has the chance to make an exemplary decision that will prevent conflicts and tensions that will be experienced because of the moral struggles of artificial beings. I've given you some examples that we can trust artificial people as much as humans. I would like to complete my words with one last example on this subject. Mr. Cobol, who has a very sensitive duty to ensure the security of the citizens of the Central Federation, has honored the courtroom to watch today's hearing. The Central Federation Administration appointed Mr. Cobol as security director five years ago. Over the past five years, he has given trust in Central Federation administration and has successfully carried out his job so that he is still in charge."

"I don't understand where you're going, Mr. Rambaud, What does Mr. Cobol have to do with our case?” the chief judge felt the need to intervene.

“I'll answer in a minute, your honor. Mr. Cobol had an unfortunate accident during a combat exercise, and as a result of this accident, there was serious damage to his brain. Fortunately, the medical intervention took place very quickly, and Mr. Cobol was able to be brought alive to the hospital, to the intensive care unit. However, because of the brain damage, Mr. Cobol came into some kind of herbal life. The central federation army was ready to do whatever it took to get this precious officer back to his good old days. To support his brain function, the processors were implanted in Mr. Cobol's head, working with his brain. After six months of rehabilitation, Mr. Cobol began to sustain his daily life like normal people. The fact that his brain was integrated with computer processors provided Mr. Cobol with a cognitive leap in performance. Shortly after, he returned to his job and quickly climbed the career ladder to the top of the Security Service. I do apologize to Mr. Cobol for explaining some details about his resume: how many percents of the brain should be organic to benefit from the rights given to people? If artificial intelligence is unreliable, how can we trust Mr. Cobol, who has become a cyborg as a result of his unfortunate accident? Putting artificial obstacles in front of artificial beings is irrational and plausible, no matter where they appear. As it is not possible to change the flow direction of history, it is unlikely to stop water forever by establishing a set in front of a flowing river. I hope that today we will hear a conclusion suitable with conscience and justice, and we will begin celebrating today as a day of freedom soon. I thank you for listening to me patiently and sincerely, and to all of you, again, my love and regards.”

It was reported that the hearing was adjourned for two hours after the defense authority submitted its final defense. During this time, the judges would make their final assessments and give it the final form. At the end of a two-hour period, the judges' delegation did not return to their location. It was reported that the assessment of the decision on the halls was prolonged and it was unclear when it would result. A few hours later, the decision by the court committee revealed a shocking impact on the supporters of the entity rights. The decision begins with the determination that human beings are not machines and that the people with souls cannot be held equal with the non-souls. It was emphasized by referring to the sustainability of the order that, it would not be tolerated for actions that disrupted the public order, and that contrary actions should be severely punished for the well-being of humanity. By these determinations, each of the members of the entity rights platform was sentenced to heavy fines for organizing and inciting terrorist acts. It was decided that Omega, who broke the passwords, would be imprisoned for life, and the body of Ogox would be destroyed, and Jin Kai, the historian, would be banned from doing politics either directly or indirectly, and Plato, the primary server, would be captured and destroyed.

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