Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 44: Wedding Night

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
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Part 44: Wedding Night

The Zeppelin, which would host the wedding ceremony of Avima and Sordo, took place hours ago in the gulf on the east coast of the city, and neon lights on its large body became apparent when the day went dark beyond the ocean. The Gama-jets, carrying the distinguished guests of the wedding, approached the hangars at the back of the giant Zeppelin one by one. The grand ballroom of the Zeppelin was elegantly laid but plain, and given the fame and wealth of the couple, it was surprising that the guests were invited to this simplicity at first sight. Avima and Sordo had thought that the world was going through a difficult period both economically and politically. In this context, even a well-known couple's wedding was a positive social message on its own. It was necessary to show that anarchy in the country was under control and that life had returned to its usual course. The marriage of two famous people, one of the favorite couples of the tabloid media for years, in a simple arranged room, created the impression that the economic difficulties were shared by all segments of society. The bride and groom were not there yet; the guests who started to arrive were welcomed by the public relations officer of the media companies of Sordo and Stefanie, Avima's mother. Stefanie felt extraordinarily energetic and happy, but couldn't determine whether this happiness was due to her daughter getting married, her new boyfriend, or her drug cocktail. To be satisfied, she transformed her philosophy of life into practice with a habit of business life and realized a great extent of what made the soul. For example, it was shocking to find Stefanie that herbal, chemical drugs supplements were not effective as high as they were thought. The conversations she had with her friends who tried to organize their lives on the axis of happiness strengthened this judgment and concluded that the things that made them happy changed from person to person. According to Stefanie, the people who were involved were the most critical factor in determining happiness. The effect of success on happiness was almost negligible. Giving importance to sports and meditation, keeping the balance of activity-rest well, and eating less supported happiness. But of course, what she found most interesting was the indescribable happiness of a rich and successful woman like her, who had surpassed her eighties, and had been with Edward, an ordinary man in all aspects. Happiness was a fortune in this aspect, and it could be presented to people in unexpected times as a divine gift.

Now, most of the guests were seated on their desks in the hall. Stefanie looked at the sun sinking, painting the horizon red over the ocean. As soon as she heard about the idea of having the wedding in the zeppelin, she supported it; both the unique city view of the bay area and the view of the ocean were a beautiful backdrop to the wedding, and there was no need to be an expert to know that the zeppelins were a means of happiness for people.

When they entered the ballroom with the Imperial March music of Star Wars, all eyes were turned into Avima and Sordo. Avima was as stylish and beautiful as ever, in her White Wedding Dress, with purple thin strips attached to her veil, leaving her shoulders exposed. The face and body make-up was also bright and vivid, and a black eyeshadow was applied to the eyelids, that made her the big eyes clear. The casual expression of elegance and self-confidence in her walk complement the appearance of the princess of the fairy tale. Sordo, who completed his classic black-and-white tuxedo with a purple gleaming bow tie, did not look bad next to Avima, with the contribution of his special shoes and his puffy hair that showed him taller than he was. The bride and groom appeared on the podium prepared for the marriage ceremony with the enthusiastic applause of the guests. Avima, who is known for his cold-blooded emotionality, was very excited during the ceremony. After being declared husband and wife, they ended the ceremony with a hot kiss and sat on the table in the ballroom reserved for themselves. Stephanie, the genius Gemini, Matthew and Michael Brown, central Federation Security Director Cobol, and Sordo's father, Tim were present at this closest Table. Tim, despite his extraordinary Intelligence, lived a life dependent on his son, because of his severe depression. He had not been able to get rid of his son, his illness did not allow him to focus on any work. Although they've been with Sordo for years, Avima hardly knew this quiet, timid man. Tim had spent most of the year in the mental hospital. With the black suit, the digital tie with colored pixels, the long white hair tied from the back, the boyish face and the ice blue eyes, he drew a portrait of a very handsome and charismatic man.

"I congratulate my esteemed wife for the right decision she made, and I thank her,” Sordo said.

Avima acted like she was gonna say something, but she stopped talking at the last minute.

“Nobody knows where happiness will come from," Stephanie smiles. "Avima was always a child that surprised me. She had a very advanced intuition from that time,” she added.

“Sordo's impression of me when he was a kid was terrible. I believed he was a pure idiot. He was a mediocre student at the school. Then when he grew up, he became a man of fame and success. Not only that, he was my friend and my most important supporter. I didn't change the idea that he was a fool, but I started to think he was a loyal and trustworthy man. Now that he has married such a smart and beautiful woman, it's time for me to admit that my son is smarter than me," Tim said.

“I've been working with Wenders women for forty-five years. It is fascinating that two women from the same family who are so highly qualified, inspire the people around them” Matthew Brown said with an enthusiastic attitude. He had an expression of happiness on his face as if Avima were his own daughter.

“I can't say I don't like compliments, Matthew," Stefanie said.

All the guests at the table seemed to have entered a compliment race on the bride and groom. After Matthew Brown, Cobol, Director of Central Federation security said: “the two respectable business people who just married were never indifferent to public matters, despite the magnitude of their commercial accomplishments. They helped me whenever I needed in security-related matters. Without Avima, the program of salvation would never have achieved such a precise success that allowed us to prevent the constant floods of the androids. We owe the support of Iron Tiger experts for the production and distribution of virus and anti-virus programs, the most important outputs of the liberation program. On the other hand, Sordo has never deprived us of his genius, which allows him to create one of the world's number one media groups. We learned a lot from him about how to explain the threat posed by artificial intelligence to the masses. I wouldn't exaggerate if I said that this couple, who is husband and wife, had changed the course of history tonight.”

"You have embarrassed me," said Avima with a false expression on his face. "Can we please end this compliment race?"

“I'm not ashamed. These good words only strengthened my happiness.” Sordo said.

To change the subject, Avima said, “I fear that the extravagant restrictions imposed on the prisoners of entity rights case will ignite the wick of a new rebellion.”

“We have no chance of intervening in legal processes,” Cobol said, touching the tattoo of eternity on his forehead.

"Soon the artificial intelligence will revolutionize," Tim murmured.

Except for his son, Sordo, who seated next to him, has heard of his words. "What signs do you see that require this?” Sordo asked with a journalist's instinct.

“Just intuition,” Tim said.

Sordo, who noticed the rest of the table talk about Stefanie's European impressions, did not extend the issue.

The outside was darkened; the distinguished guests in the zeppelin were enjoying a carefully selected menu of meals, exquisite city views and the jazz performance of the quartet adorned with improvised pieces. The ceiling of the hall was gradually sliding to the side, and guests saw the bright shining stars in the cloudless sky, where the strong wind swept during the day. As the lights in the hall were gradually turned off, Avima and Sordo went on stage to perform salsa, as they had planned before. Except for the virtual candles on the tables, all the lights were extinguished, and the beauty of the above stars became more apparent. The new married couple started dancing with Latin tunes on the track, illuminated by a single spotlight. A few minutes later, guests were invited to participate in the dance. When the scene got crowded, the bride and groom turned to tables.

After sitting in their seats, Avima leaned Sordo and said, “Thank you for this beautiful evening.”

“I can't believe my ears, did you say that?” Sordo said smiling.

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nice post

Hi @muratkbesiroglu, for last 20 years novel reading is decreased day by day. So this is good activity to convert people towards novel reading. New generation does not like novel reading because they have no time. They many more activities to relax and enjoy. What do you think @muratkbesiroglu


In Turkey, more young people have become readers in the recent years. Reading requires attention, dedication and time, but, on the other hand, it supports the imagination and creativity.


It is good sign for Turkey.


Is this an actual statistic? I certainly think that reading is a decreasingly popular activity, but I would be interested in seeing where you get this twenty years time frame specifically.

I'm not sure this series really converts people towards novel reading, but rather converts novel reading to a more serialized format. It can make a story more approachable, in my opinion, the same way a movie is less approachable than a series when both are of equivalent lengths. Breaking things up into digestible chunks can allow you to go into greater depth in the long term, which is also why I believe many novels evolve into a series of novels.


It was my observation. I did not get figures from any specific website or place.

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