Roger Sayles, is the host of 'Roger Sayles Radio Ranch'

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Roger Sayles, is the host of 'Roger Sayles Radio Ranch' and author of From Sovereign to Serf Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words.


I have come to understand that America is 'not' simply a line on a map. The TRUE "America" is a set of ideals, concepts and principles we have long since lost or been obscured from us. Maybe by absorbing and understand the information that is presented on The Radio Ranch I can enable to you recapture those elements that made "America" the great 'land of opportunity & freedom', as opposed to what it has become, the land of 'political deception and freedom suppression'. Remember, America was 'only' the 2nd country in the entire history of the world to truly possess God Given Natural Rights! ~ Roger Sayles

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