Kid Rock - Rock Classics #32

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Rock Classics is here with Edition 32

It is time for another Rock Classics post, edition 32 with some US rock music act. Kid Rock is a mystery and I learned a lot about him today. Born as Robert James Ritchie he is famous as rock star - to me at least. What I did not know is that he actually started his career as rapper and DJ back in 1990 when he released his debut album on the Jive record label.

Since around 2007 he is focusing on other styles so we could classify this as rock music with also production going a bit into the country music area e.g. together with Sheryl Crow or Bob Seger.

As a producer and musician he is a so called self teacher which deserves a lot respect in my view. The most popular meanstream chart breaker is probably "All summer long" - a single that was released in 2008 and sampled two 1970ies hits by Warren Zevon and Lynyrd Skynyrd to a monster mashup rock classic! The song was Kid Rock's first international hit topping several European charts such as in the UK, Ireland, Austria, Germany and Switzerland and is perfect for a hot summer night which I currently enjoy over here in Bulgaria.

Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson

Before his international break-through Kid rock was known in the US - when he was starting to have success over in Europe I first did not really like him - simply because all we heard was that he is the guy of Pamela Anderson - and we all thought - WTH is Pam doing again lol? But we know Pam and her love for bad boys - it was an interesting relation incl. marriage and divorce.


Source: Wikipedia

Kid rock as Rapper

I still can not believe it but it is true, he signed a record deal at the age of 17 as a a rapper, he toured with Ice Cube- made an enemy in Vanilla Ice and became one of the two biggest rap stars in Detroit in 1990. Eminem is considered a real friend of him too.

Check him out as a rapper - full album audio here:

Some more Rock Tracks

Please watch and listen to some of his rock and crossover hits of the last 20 years in the following and let me know your thoughts about Kid rock, the music, the post, Steemit and whatever you want to say 👀.

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ich vermisse stark den Link zum Anderson/Kid Rock Porno!! Hatte wohl keinen Platz mehr? ggg



So Sachen kommen doch nicht auf die Blockchain :-)



Amazing Singer and Guitar Player :) love him*


I expected this from you - good music taste my friend you have.

"My name is Kiiiiiid", this used to be my jam when I was just a naive teenage boy hahaha. Fun stuff

Das waren Zeiten Mensch, da war ich gerade so um die 16 glaube ich. Bei den Kumpels das gehört und im auto oft sich zugedröhnt


nanana - so Sachen hast du gemacht :-)?

Nice song video . This singer singing amazing and the guitar player was wounderful . Thanks for sharing @uwelang

You have some great rock classics there, @uwelang. Upvoted and resteemed.