Tech Insanity - What Could be the Point of Sending Robots to University?

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Has the world completely lost its mind? If you said yes, you and I are in agreement on this point. Do you ever feel desensitized to insanity. In the modern world it seems everyday we come across stories / plans / events that are absolutely rediculous. In this article I will be discussing an interesting new development in the field of robotics. The idea of robot students seems a bit odd considering robots can be programmed so what would they need to go to school for?

Well, it seems that whether people like it or not, college students at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, California can now find themselves walking into philosophy class on the first day of the new term and have the opportunity to study alongside a synthetic human named 'Bina48.'

Bina48 looks like a human – at least the head and shoulders of one. Her voice sounds somewhat like a human voice. And in the fall of 2017, she became the first-ever robot with artificial intelligence, or A.I., to complete a college class.

So Bin48 has already completed its first course using AI. Is it just me or is this news slightly disturbing?

Are governments going to allow robots to compete with humans for competitive scholarships? Do we now need to compete with less fortunate robots for Pell grants to gain the privledge of attending tertiary schools? Sorry but this whole story seems a bit silly to me...

How would you feel about studying with Bina48? I don't want to be discriminatory but studying alongside robots just seems a bit strange personally.

Bruce Duncan is the human behind this project and he is also the managing director of the Terasem Movement Foundation. According to Duncan, Bina48’s programming includes the general knowledge that can be described as Bina’s thoughts, opinions and memories as she could provide. One interesting fact about this programming is that the robot can use unique combinations of this information to process new information and speak in a human-like way.

The robot’s mind does not operate exactly the way a human mind does. And the robot does not possess the most highly developed A.I. technology available. Still, Duncan argues that Bina48 does express some understanding of the world around her.

If you aren't creeped out by now then I guess I haven't been doing my job well enough! What do you guys think about this new robot student?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions below!

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World’s First Robot College Student Learns About Love - VOA News

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VOA News

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would've been interesting to see it interact and participate in class discussions.. weird! wonder if bina48 will go for a degree next? lol