STEEM Defi - Robinia is now paying an incredible 75% APR on your STEEM Power Delegation!

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If you are delegating your Steem Power somewhere else, you probably need to undelegate...

Robinia is now far and away the highest returning STEEM Defi project out there.

By delegating to Robinia, you can earn an incredible 75% APR on your STEEM Power delegation.

First, you earn the RBS token which can be seen here:



The APR on the token portion has soared to roughly 47%.

Second, you get an upvote each day worth roughly 10x-15x your upvote value, which comes out to somewhere around 20-25% APR.

When you add those two together you get an APR a shade under 75%, which is far and away the highest yield you can get anywhere for delegating your steem power.

That includes at UPVU, TIPU, Justyy, and Peanut/Nutbox.

Given the current backdrop, it doesn't make sense not to delegate to Robinia.

As more and more SP gets delegating the higher the token price will go!


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Very interesting information!

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