Thanks @josephsavage I Joined Robinhood, Now I Own Sprint

in robinhood •  3 months ago 

I'm really not much of an investor. Never bought stocks before(technically still haven't). But today I acquired 1 share of Sprint for free. How, I joined robin hood with a ref link.

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 8.48.05 PM.png

First off, I'd like to thank @josephsavage for having a ref link to give me. I'd asked a few other people, but nobody else used robinhood so couldn't get it from them. Finally, he came around as the savior.

Signup was really quick, they just needed what I would expect to start buying and selling stocks. 5 minutes later, everything was submitted and I was approved for my free stock. I didn't even need to deposit anything to get the free stock, which I found strange as most other apps have something like, deposit $5 and we'll then give you an additional $5. Now they presented me with a choice of 3 stocks(hidden of course), and I had to pick one. I chose one at random and it was Sprint. I'm assuming all 3 choices were just Sprint and it was just an allusion of choice as I found this statement in their support guides: There is an approximately 98% chance of the stock bonus having a value of $2.50-$10, an approximately 1% chance of the stock bonus having a value of $10-$50, and an approximately 1% chance of the stock bonus having a value of $50-$200, based on the price of shares at the time of purchase..

But hey, Sprint is worth $5 right now and $5 is $5. Could sell it and get myself a cup of coffee, even though I can't sell it for 2 days and withdraw the money for 30 days. Yay rules for free stock.

Robinhood also supports buying and selling of crypto and I haven't yet figured out how to activate it yet. They also say its commission free, but I'm assuming that theres some sort of hidden fee or else they wouldn't be able to stay in business.

So thats my stock story, what are you waiting for, get in and sign up and try it. Or are you already a member? Tell me how it is. Has selling been easy for you? I'd like some opinions from other people.

If you want to join in, you can use my ref link and give me another free share of stock, I'd really appreciate it, you don't even need to deposit funds to get it:

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Will it work for us in Canada?

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No, sorry, its US only as of now.

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Bummer, but because it has to do with stocks I kind of expected it.

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Yea, there's probably some Canadian company that'll do the same if you look around.

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I use Robinhood too & love it. I study day trading so this is an easy way to buy stock without killing my budget. Lol

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Yea, really easy to use it too, Ill probably send it like $10 tomorrow to check it out some more. Have you heard of bumped, think you might like it as well, it gives you free stock to a company when you make a purchase from them. Here's my ref link id you want to join.
Theres a waiting list and I waited for nearly half a year before being accepted about a week ago. Waiting for my brokerage account to be approved there.

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No I haven't seen that one. I will check it out! Thanks :) I also use Stash. If you want that one as well, let me know.

Who knows? It could give us more money to buy more #steem he he. 😉😊

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Haha, I actually got the idea to ask for the robin hood ref link after @josephsavage mentioned stash. Any benefits to it over robinhood? And sure, I'll take the ref link, help each other out.

Oh how funny! What a small world. See? @josephsavage knows what's up lol.

Stash is cool. It's more of a "set & forget" type of stock app. I love it since I have a nice little balance there. You probably would like it. :)

I am checking out Bump for sure. I really like the set up. 🙌❤

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I like their stockback program, its like bumped. Don't know if I want another card though, as I just got the bitpay card. But I'll sign up for sure. Just gotta put it in my to do list and do it tomorrow.

Also, do you use acorns?

Awesome. Yeah I don't use the card, just the app. I am just building it right now lol.

And LMAOOOOOO I use Acorns too. I was debating on asking you but didn't want to overwhelm Gmta.

I signed up for Bumped so will wait for the invite. :)

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Hopefully bumped gets to you soon, with the program, I'm assuming theres a ton of people who want to sign up.

Whats the difference between stash and acorns? I think both are set and forget, but is stash more of just a certain $ each month and acorns about rounding up? Don't wanna sign up for too many things and have to mange them so trying to do my research before signing up.

They also say its commission free, but I'm assuming that theres some sort of hidden fee or else they wouldn't be able to stay in business.

Robinhood sells order flow to high frequency traders. Totally legal, but it means order execution isn't always the greatest.

Not a huge deal for longer term or swing traders, but can be a constant irritation to day traders.

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