Trip🚗to my familys Summer house!

in #roadtrip3 years ago (edited)

So Friday was a free day here as we celebrated Midsummer here in Sweden🇸🇪 this weekend!


I was going to spend the day at our summer house with my parents, my sister and her family.
We do this every year and I have been looking forward to this day 😊


Here is part 1
The trip to the summer house. I had to do it in parts as I realized I couldn't fit that many pictures in one post.

Coffe and Awsome music🎶... Good to go 🚗

On my way and I felt Sooo bad and I was soo breaking the law by taking pictures when I was driving 🙈 and having a father that is a driving teacher and we grew up always doing the right thing in traffic.... Good thing he couldn't se me now... Lol




I love this drive as it's along the coastal route and you can se the ocean almost the entire way and so close in some parts that you almost can touch it 🌊🚗


I just had to stop and take some pictures here😊


Beautiful wiew and amazing sky.. Perfect day for a drive!



Just love the ocean and if I had more time I would walk along there for a while, but time I had none... Was already late because I stopped so much.. Lol


I guess that's the thing with passion for photography, you always see the beauty in everything and to se that when you drive is a pain 😜 just want to stop everywhere.. Lol


Time to continue the trip and back on the road!


And I managed to capture the Lighthouse @enginewitty 😜 a little bit blurry but still.. Lol
(I don't live there though.. 😂)


Such a beautiful day and the sky was amazing and I couldn't stop looking!



And here ends this part 1 of my trip to the summer house 🏡🚗
Stay tuned for part 2 At The summer house!

Thank you so much for sharing this with me.
Much Love to ya'll 🌸🤗💗🤗🌸




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Just as beautiful as she's amazing


I have all ways wanted to visit Sweden.. It is on my list , looks amazing

You should definitely do that it's beautiful and summer time here is priceless 🌞😉
I hope you are having a wonderful week. Cheers! 🤗

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Thank you for bringing us along the drive to your summer house. I enjoyed the coastal scenery! I look forward to part 2 and seeing more of the countryside of Sweden. Enjoy midsummer in your beautiful country! Have a lovely week ahead.

Thank you so much my friend for coming with me 😊 means a lot!
Yes tomorrow part 2 will come so you don't have to wait long. I hope you are having a great evening and I wish you a wonderful week. Much love 🌹🤗🌹

LOoks like a beautiful drive

and I wont tell your dad you were driving and taking photos lOL

It really was a wonderful drive and such amazing wiew.... Just dangerous to drive when you have your camera 📸👁️eye on and has a hard time focus on the road 😉😂😂lol
You know better than anyone what's thats like right? Thank you for not telling my dad 😜
Have a wonderful evening sweet Jay and tomorrow is my last day of work and then my vacation starts 😉 Sooo Awsome! 🤗😎👸

@saffisara I never drive and take photos would be to tricky with my Camera LOL

Have a great end of the week and weekend :)

soo missy, HOW many glasses of god knows what.. LOL &&&& after that, HOW many turns around Midsommarstången?? my my LOL

Beuatiful drive and such a stunning day. Is it like that often in Sweden @saffisara at this time of year? 😊

There sure are some beautiful views! I especially love the shots with the wildflowers. It makes me want to go on a drive in the country. Have a super awesome time @saffisara!!