Road to Steemfest #7: The Actual Road

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I'm all set and ready to go! But then again I always am ready to go because I live out of a backpack! haha. Yeah, lets go! I love Thailand. I was going there anyway, but since steemfest was announced I had to simply plan to be there to a specific date, which was fine as I was thinking early November to be in Thailand to begin with.

So my road to steemfest has come with a very interesting twist over the past month. I've gotten very good at being single and traveling the world alone, even though I'm almost never alone ;) About a month ago I met a lovely French Peruvian Girl and we hit off incredibly well.

I was only in Peru for three days and we met and went out for a drink. The next thing I know is that 10 days after saying goodbye she came to visit me in Playa Del Carmen Mexico for two weeks! We had such a great time together I ended up coming back to Peru with her! My road to Steemfest was to go alone. Stay in Mexico until the end of October then head out to Bangkok from there.

Since I met my lovely and beautiful girlfriend; we are now going to Steemfest together. She is thrilled to quit her very good job, live off investments and part-time work from her computer like I do, and travel the world with me. So at the moment I'm back in Peru staying at her apartment in the Miraflores area of Lima.

I'm helping her organize her life to live out of a backpack too! So we can travel the world together! She says she's never been this happy and excited about life. I'm thrilled to have her excellent company and bring her to steemfest. I gave her the handle @miss-travel-pro which I've been saving if I ever meet the right girl. She plans to start blogging sometime down the line; but she already has her steemfest tickets and plane tickets, and together we are getting ready to go.

So the specific road to Bangkok for us is in budget travel fashion. We got great tickets for about $200 dollars from Lima to Tampa Florida to see my dad for five days. Then November 2nd we fly from Tampa to LA for just $150 dollars. Then we found great tickets on Hong Kong Air taking us from LA to Bangkok on November 3rd for $300.

We'll stay in Thailand/ South East Asia until the weather gets nice in Eastern Europe which will probably be around April giving us a nice five or six months to go island hopping and enjoy this part of the world. This will be my third consecutive winter in Thailand and South East Asia, and it's starting to become my regular winter home. I just love it there.

We still have not decided on where we will stay. This weekend we'll be looking on Airbnb and for good deals for accommodations in Bangkok and then compare the price/value to staying at the recommended hotel for steemfest.

The place I usually stay in Bangkok is about 12 dollars a night with room service and swimming pool. I know what to expect and for how much as my first time in Bangkok was now about 16 years ago. Regardless I can say that the place @roelandp chose is a good deal, and would be going for hundreds of dollars a night in any major city in western Europe.

Here is a photo of my girl and I the day after we met. Her name is Gaby and she is a sweetheart! Thanks for taking the time to read and see you at Steemfest Four!

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Ah cool!!! Miss-travel-pro joining the party! I'm so happy for you :) I remember a little chat we had last year about your 'single-ness' so it's nice to see you found another world traveler to share your travels with. I'm still looking LOL... (not really) Anyways, it will be great to see you and meet your girl!

It is very cool. She is a great girl. I'm sure you will like her a lot. Very smart. Yes my single ness, haha. I just kind of stopped looking or caring then she suddenly popped into my life. That is usually how things work in this manner. Thanks again for the kind words! Have a great day!

Yes, she seems very cool at first glance (I'm usually quite good at judging others from the beginning). Plus, she has to be cool if you're with her ;)
Yeah I guess that's how it usually goes, these things happen when you least expect it and are just happily moving around on your own. (and happy with yourself).

Personally, my partners in the past always said they'd love to travel, but then when the time came, they just wanted to stay put. Shame really...but I can't change others and can't change for others. For me, having to stay in the same place for years feels like a prison. I know I've been in Ireland for a while, but we do travel and we moved counties a few times, so it's different because the country can be so different in each county. Just like the US I guess, every state is different. But my exes just never understood my 'urge' for travel. Or maybe they feared it at times. (fear of the unknown)
So for now, we'll just be the world traveling family (too long for a handle...) and that's perfectly fine. And (at least) once a year I get to meet a couple of hundred of the coolest people on earth. What more would I want?

Anyways, before this turns into a book: I'm happy you found each other @world-travel-duo ;)

Thank you so much for the kind words. I feel quite fortunate to have met Gaby. Not only is she a sweetheart, she has a passion for freedom, independence, adventure, and travel. Which really sums up how I am as well. Most girls I've met in the past say the same thing..."I would love to have your life, I would love to travel the world with you. BUT!...." Then the fear based explanation would come in.

So....I gave up on looking for a girlfriend and just turned into somewhat of the @world-travel-whore! lol and just "had fun" for lack of a better expression. Which apparently led me to this very special person. I'm very much looking forward to introducing you to her. I'm sure you will love her!

Steemfest is going to be awesome! It's going to be great seeing you again, and eventually the right person will come into your life as well. I'm sure of it!

What wonderful news. Dan, @world-travel-pro. I can't wait to see you both. You look so happy :)

I will be there too, but my road is still not planned at his late date! I will be winging it for sure.

I was going to stay near the conference site, but now I think someplace near a bts line will be better seeing the locations of the two sites for the conference days. I am unlikely to have a ticket for the conference, but plan to go to both days and hang out seeing who passes by and comes out for breaks.

See you soon!

Awesome Sharon! Sounds very good. Sorry for the late reply, have not been online for a couple days. Hard to believe right? hahaha. It will be so good to see you again in Thailand. Really looking forward to it. Thanks for the kind words and I'll be in touch.

Nice story. I guess I’ll see you and Gaby in Bkk soon.

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Hi Joy! So good to hear from you. Yes, Gaby is awesome and I'm happy to have such a great person to travel and share my time with now. Looking forward to introducing you to her. Sorry for the late reply! How have you been? Where are you now?

That is so good knowing I'll see you again at steemfest but this time in Bagnkok! Way better than cold Poland! Love Thailand. Are you staying in Thailand after the party? I'll be there all winter.

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