Yeah yeahhh writing on the road also! Haaaa ~ The purpose of this writing is for us to get to know each other a bit more so be prepare.. You will get to know how random I could get LOLOL


Hmm.. a bit akward by just telling myself it's going to be a 'FREE WRITING' ! I have kinda heard of it before I believe but not really tried it out myself yet but here, the #roadtosteemfest free writing will just allow me to ramble on posts even more than I usually do! Yes, see, I'm rambling right now!!! but bear with me.. shit.. is it bear or bare?? I usually do 'Ok Google, how to spell...?' Now it's free writing so who cares!

Thanks to @anomadsoul for this creative idea and it's starting to get fun browsing through the tag and getting to know some of the peeps who are going to Steem Fest 3. First post I read was written by @travelgirl >> here you know, since it's kinda up there and you're always distracted a bit more by a person that you know already, really.

My turnnnn!!
I know it makes sense to #dontsteemanddrive but I am a passenger and yes, pretty dizzy right here LOL


Snap! yeah, needed it. A post without photos is like, Milkshake without ice-cream..

and yes, we're on the way to get Pistachio Milkshake!!! There! You see, I just randomly talk about some type of nuts! Hmmm..

Steem Fest, Steem Fest 3 !!!

Can I use heading in free writing?? Arkkkkk ..

I am so so sooo excited for the festival! I'm actually pretty new to Steemit still compared to a lot of fellow Steemians out there but you know what, I AM LOVING IT ! I AM SO INTO IT so yes here #steemspirit ! I was born on Steem by that tag so gonna keep using it and keep my Steem Spirit up always.. PROMISEEE ❤

My original videos are at Dlive and Dtube

So glad it ended up going to be held in Kraków, Poland instead of somewhere in the US (as it was being planned). I wouldn't be able to make it because even this time, I got some problems getting into the country..

So yes! Poland would be just perfect!

..if my visa will be approved!.. I don't think there will be any probs anyways..

Besides being excited for the Festival itself, I am so excited for visiting the country as I have never been to Poland ever..

So many friends I have made along the way these past 6 months.. WHAAAAT?? Yes! tomorrow is my 180th day on Steemit! 6 MONHTIVERSARY - I'm so looking forward to meeting them in person. I believe all / most of them will be those who are passionate about the platforms just like I am. It's THE SF!!!! What do you think??

Here's a video I made a while back when Steem was all frozen! Expressing the feeling of passionate Steemians.. enjoy watching!

You know, it's quite a long way to go. 3 months from now.. I'm currently in California and will be a few more countries that I will be in before getting to Poland, eventually.

Now that I think about it, Let me talk a bit more about where I am at. Summer here is HOT.. soooo hot and I can't survive a day in California's heat without 'Guayaki Yerba Mate' or you know, cold tea.


I have it right here that's why I'm just suddenly typing about it and .. Snap! A post without photos is like California without Guayakiiii LOLOL

Here's another cool shot! (I assume it is??)


Well, let me just end the post right here. As you may know 'TLDR' That would hurt me badddd hahaha LOLOL Last photo of the post and yes! It's the road we are on.. right now..


Till the next #roadtosteemfest post!

Lots of lots of love,
Mo ❤


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I just have to say this dude!
you are very committed to this and the amount of work you put in is just insane!
I have such a big respect for you for putting everything to keep this together and give amazing content to the space!
I just hope steemit will take over the stupid facebook that is stealing our lives and money!

Peace! <3

Ohhhh how intense!!! haaa and thank you for always reading and watching and engaging with my posts. This means a lot to me Mamali!! I will always create good contents, PROMISE! ❤️

sure thing!
the good days are not so far!
I hope we can make a post to gether soon hehe :)
hopefully we'll get another chance to meet you! <3

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I sure hope so !!! :)

This was very refreshing, I can't wait to read more about you!

Awwww thanks for reading! and thanks for the challenge as well. Soooo creative hahah Glad you liked! See you in 3 months or of course, next week on my next post or yours ! Cheerssss ❤️

You are so hilarious! I love your STEEM FREEZE post :') I'm glad you can come to Poland and you will! It's not a short trip for you, so YAY! :D Will see you in November!

@soyrosa I'm so excited for all the FOOD and of course, STEEMIANS! hahaha :) ❤️

I did indeed find this post lovely and so random! So yes, i did resteem! hehe!

Looking forward to meeting you, you seem super full of energy and fun

@princessmewmew Awww thank you thank you so much!! I think I have seen you somewhere before and yes, of course, Adsactly discord!! haaaa. Just saw your kitty cat post so I will head there to read a bit more about you soonish. Looking forward to meeting you in person too! ❤️

Enjoy your long but well worth it trip! I just saw your video about when steem was frozen. Hilarious! 😂

Haaa thanks for reading and watching! and yes, people were really freakin' out those few hours that day. You have a good night! ❤️

Damn that was a crazy read, my brain is swirling and going in circles. Nice! 😂😂😂😂

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Haaaa Thanks for checking it out. Are you writing one yourself so I could go check out and spy on where you come from (if you will be writing about it so) LOLOLOL ❤️

Is it just if your on your way to steemfest? If it’s for anyone I’ll be sure to and you can study 🤪😜🤪

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Yeah, the idea is for people who are going to SF3 to have a chance to get to know each other a bit before meeting in person :)

I’m not going 😭😭😭 damn to not meeting at sf3 😢😢

I wasn’t really happy with my intro video so I’m thinking of doing a new one soon, maybe that will help 🤪 failing that you’ll have to come to China lol

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Road to steem for me is not esay yet i am just going on that road without thinking anything

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