The Road to Steemfest 3: Will I be attending?

Just when I was deciding on what to post today, I remembered coming across a post by @eveuncovered where she had mentioned about @anomadsoul's series of Road to Steemfest posts. I decided that it would be a great idea for a post today!

Why Road to Steemfest Series?

Basically, he's started those series to help Steemers get to know each other online before meeting each other in Steemfest. It kinda helps in breaking the ice when you meet somebody whom you've already spoken to online. So I think starting this was a really good idea @anomadsoul!

My Updates: 

I had just received a call from @firepower just a few minutes ago to confirm whether I'll be attending this year or not and we we had a discussion on Visa, flights, travel plans and so many other stuff! It was great talking to him after a long time!

So, will I be attending? 

Yep, I decided I will be attending this time too. This would be my second Steemfest as I had missed the boat of Steemfest 1. 

SF2 was so much fun and filled with positivity. Although I didn't know anybody, it was fun and didn't really go awkward as one would expect when meeting a room full of strangers. There seemed to be a rapport because we all had one thing in common: Steem! 

This year, it will definitely be more fun because I had made many friends and acquaintances last year and will be great to meet them again and strengthen the bonds. 

Steemfest 2 Memories?

Instead of talking of how much fun SF2 was or giving out any details over text, let me show you how awesome it was. I'm currently working on the videos that I had shot during Steemfest 2 and simultaneously learning the editing software called Adobe Premiere Pro.

I want it to come out really good and I've been working on it from the past 2 days! I'll try putting it out within a week to refresh everyone's memories so stay tuned to my blog!



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Hi @wandereronwheels, great to read about your steemfest experiences.

Just wanted to say hi as I've been rather lax so far reading up on all the other awesome steemians going to steemfest 3. I never went last year so I'm super hopeful/excited to attend.

I look forward to seeing your video from last years event. It would be great to get an impression of what to expect... well apart from the weather, which I'm sure will be very different :-)

P.s. I'm also a fellow #roadtosteemfest person, writing every week in anomadsoul's tag. It would be cool to meet up if I make it, which I am hopeful about :-)

Wow, that's a stunning picture

Eye catchy picture loved yaa all ♥

All the very best bro! :-D Can't wait to see the video and of course your journey to the STEEMFEST 3. Will not be able to join this time because I already had a trip planned at the same time. During the meetup in delhi, I decided to attend this year and started saving for it as well. But the fault in my stars... lol.


I was wondering why there was no news from you about visiting Steemfest and bam! I got my answer here.
No worries man..whatever happens is for good. Just go with the flow.
Maybe next year is your year and the other trip you planned this time might bring something good in your life? :O