The Road to Steemfest Catching Up 1 of 3| Planning, Wanting, Doubting

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I was probably hiding in a cave when The Road To Steemfest contest started, I have missed 3 posts! Thankfully @anomadsoul gave a chance to catch up so I will be bombarding you with a number of posts soon.

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I do not always plan ahead. If there was one thing I will do months ahead, it will only be to book a plane ticket. Our budget airlines in the Philippines, Cebu Pacific, would usually have seat sales but travel dates would be months or even a year ahead.

When the airline announced their Piso Sale in June (not literally 1 peso unlike in the previous years where base fare is really just a peso!), I booked my ticket to Thailand with no hesitations. Thailand tickets are usually expensive from the Philippines so I immediately took the opportunity for an affordable fare.


When I read posts about last year’s Steemfest in Poland, I told myself I will do my best to join this year’s meet up. It made this goal achievable when it was announced that it will be held in Thailand, a neighboring country in the ASEAN. No hassle and less cost applying for a visa!

From the time I booked, I have also finished my post graduate studies and quit my corporate job. That even made me want to go because I can now focus on content creation. Blogging was previously a hobby I only do when time allows, but it is now a potential career for me as a newbie digital nomad.


I started in late 2017 under the account @wanderlass. Like most newbie in this platform, it wasn’t easy for me. I spent hours on posts that don’t get recognized but I see shit posts earning at least a hundred dollars. Voting bots and disregard to quality posts was rampant, I doubted this platform.

A lot has changed recently and I now see quality post getting rewarded. I don’t see the same people in trending and other people get noticed too.

Steemfest is also expensive which is one of my doubts. This will mean I will be putting out money way more than what I have earned in total here since 2017. Cryptocurrency is also very volatile. On a business standpoint, that is a lot of trust and too much risk but that is also what investment entails.

If I would just think about the earnings, I would not spend and go because it will be a negative net for me at least for the short term. I have to be practical especially now that I no longer have a full time job.

What made me let go of these doubts?

Blogging and content creation is something I enjoy and I have avoided looking at my earnings now. Belonging to a community of like minded people, such as travel bloggers, has helped me look forward to great things in this platform.

This isn’t also my main source of income so I wouldn’t worry, I would have something to eat regardless of the Steem price. I also think that we should have multiple sources of income -not a financial advice but just saying . As they say, don’t put all your eggs (whether effort, time or money) in one basket so risk is lessened.

Below are my other entries from the most recent:


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Funding – from previous account @wanderlass

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