The road to Steem Fest - Three truths, one lie... My children are jealous me to my loneliness)

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Hi friends! I am joining this contest started by @anomadsoul
original contest post:

So, here goes 3 truths and 1 lie:

  1. I love to travel and discover new interesting cafes on trips where I order something exotic, such as "red" coffee in Budapest and an sandwich with avocado )
    All my travels have a different unique taste))


  1. I organized a coffee club with karaoke in English.
    I am often asked why this idea? I was thinking how to find the time to combine the coffee business and the desire to learn English and I came up with singing :)


  1. I'm extreme. From time to time I need a thrill and once a month I make parachute jump!
    I love to enjoy the colors of the sky and the feeling of flying! Last time I landed right in the fall)


  1. I need to walk alone each day, observing the various fascinating phenomena of nature!
    My children and husband are jealous me to my loneliness, but she is my best friend!
    The talking with her for me in favor.
    She inspires me for creativity) Here are some masterpieces and music "Autumn Coffee" for you!



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Love the coffee and the avocado sandwich. Have to join the contest as well :D