The Road to Steemfest | Planning, Wanting, Doubting

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I think from all my previous posts that I have already added in, it would have rounded up most in this topic.

For Planning and Wanting … I think my post Why do I want to go to Steemfest? Help me fund my trip! and The Actual Road would have suffice to tell my journey.

Now down to the Doubting Part

To be honest, a lot of people who are cringing on their wallets and fearing for their looming financial crisis would have said that I am crazy to get myself both feet into Steemfest with so much expenses burden to carry.

And many more who has been in and out of the Steem vs #newsteem drama would ended up hanging up their towels due to practical thinking and full of doubts whether Steem will keep going.

But there is a saying, “No venture, no gain”

To be very frank, I too have doubts whether is this truly a waste of time, but from my #teammalaysia family past experience in Steemfest 3, I think the experience itself and getting into the know what really is going forward for the Steem Community is worth the investment

An investment that no money could buy

Just like recently @buzz.lightyear just shared with me with his experience at DEFCON 2019;

To be there to absorb the energy of lightminded people who are willing to bank in for the very idea that they are able to be game changers is a priceless experience.

And for worrying whether my parents are going to be ok during my 6 days of absence?

At first if my mom’s cornea transplant surgery is going ahead this week, I think most likely I would have cancelled the entire trip, sell off my ticket and burn my air-ticket. But by God’s grace and timing that it has been postponed, I think this is a good enough sign that sometimes, you just got to step out in faith.

Besides, I have a lot of people that I would love to meet! So here I am, trying to list down what I need to bring along to Bangkok and start counting down!

For those who would like to read my previous Road to Steemfest Posts you can find it below:

Until then

Thank You for Your Time


Other than that, we are exactly 1 week away from Steemfest!

Last call for card orders!

If you want to order the Christmas cards please do let me know.... Like the next 24 hours because I need to source out paper and get them crank up for you guys!

These are my samples, this is more generic

These are limited edition. I don't have any more of this base paper design

For more information on prices check out @craftsofluv page for the prices in STEEM

And remember, part of your support will also be donated to @gtpjfoodbank

And by the way, I got myself a black cap with NO DESIGN on it, specially for collecting any pins or buttons on the way. So if you have any pins (like what @teammalaysia did last Steemfest) I am ready to receive. 😂

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