The road to Steemfest | Funding my trip to Krakow by @jeanpi1908

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Hi steemians

It’s me again today with my next participation to @anomadsoul’s weekly steemfest dynamic. I already did a post for this dynamic some days ago about my expectations about the steemfest, but todays is another. In this post I will speak about how much all this trip will cost and how I will try to pay it. Notice that all the calculation in this post were made with the price of steem from 11.09.18 at around 5 pm.

The ticket:

First and the most important is the ticket and it is also the most expansive. It costs 277.77€ or 437 Steem. My first idea was to win one to save some steem and to be able to power up. But until now the contest I participate at aren’t finished and so I don’t know if I will win one. For this reason I also began to collect some Steem to able to buy a ticket on the 21th before the price rises.

I still had 65.94 Steem and 133.141 SBD in my wallet, this way there was 204.64 Steem remaining to get. To get some more I exchanged some ETH and LTC, I bought when Steem was high, back to Steem and was surprised that I made a x4. This way I got another 49.16 Steem, so 155,48 Steem were remaining to get.

Fortunately as a @ocd curator I own a share of the SP from the @ocd account and the @ocd-witness account and so I was able to power down a share of it and get additional 141.33 Steem what left only 14.15 Steem remaining. I am trying to earn them until the 21th.

The only problem is when the price continuous to fall, I hope it will rise a bit more so I can save some Steem.

Travel Expenses:

Luckily Karlsruhe is not so war away from Krakow as other parts of the world and so the travel expenses aren’t too high. The cheapest way of traveling was still by plane from Frankfort Airport with Ryanair at a cost of 50€ two ways. To get to Frankfort Airport the cheapest way was with Flixbus at 8€ each way. That makes a total of 66€ or 100 Steem I will probably pay with my RL savings.



The @steemfest hotel seemed a little bit too expensive for me and so I looked around and found another hostel not too far away from the one where the @steemfest is for 11€ the night. The hostel itself has a rather bad rating (the washrooms and the chambers are a bit dirty), but I don’t really care about it as long it has a bed and free Wi-Fi because I don’t want to do anything else there apart of sleeping. In total for 4 nights this would be a price of 44€ or 66.5 Steem that I will probably also pay from my savings.



In total this makes a total cost of 603.5 Steem for the whole trip from with I can pay a big part with Steem because of this amazing community.

Thank you

If you want to help me finance my trip don’t forget to upvote this post. Thank you!!!

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków


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Cool.. see you there.. we are on Ryan Air too.. , cheap and dirty but its gets you there.


The only problem is that you can't take much logage with you.

it's all so exciting! I'm loving reading everyone's experiences and seeing how they are getting to Steem Fest! See you there x


I hope to see you too.

Oh my! You really pay with steem?? I'm so not brave enough hahaha :D but I may have to T^T


I will try, because I wouldn't be able another way.



You got a 32.05% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @jeanpi1908!