On the way to SteemFest4 - Just a few pics

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SteemFest - here I come. Going via Doha by Qatar Airways. My #roadtosteemfest


In the plane


Media for the first 6h


Hope they have some BEER

My Fear is exactly this. Let’s see.

First leg to Doha

Right in the middle at the gulf area.


Have a great day
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@Detlev love steem

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Enjoy #SteemFest and greet @lizanomadsoul and @martibis from @mammasitta and me, please! :)

So sad that I miss my 4th time :(

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Me too! But somebody need to take care of the business here. Last time it was @jnmarteau. ;)

See you at the 5th next year or let us meet somewhere before

Let's do that! Drink one for us and share some hugs with all the steemians. Looking foward to hear your stories. ;)

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Have a great trip dood! Make sure you hook up with @slobberchops for a beer!

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Hehe, for sure!!!

I literally just found out about the BEER token as I was investigated the new #CC token and I love it!! It's a great way to increase interaction and reward quality posts so I'm off to stock up and to use them to reward people (especially music related posts) from now on!!

I'm going to send you some ATOM tokens in appreciation.

Enjoy Steemfest!!

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!giphy celebrate

Sounds cool and I will have a look as being a music lover

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Great trip! Hope that you'll enjoy in good !BEER there and succesful presentation of BEER tribe :)

See you soon!

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Have a great trip!

Looking swag, I hope you have a few great beers to drink over there!

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Actually I have 3 from Belgium in my suitcase

Let me guess.... Chimay Blue, Gulden Draak and Orval?

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Enjoy Bangkok. Wish I could be there with you, but there will be other opportunities for beer and chat. I look forward to lots of reports from Steemfest.

Good Flight and have fun sponsoring the Steem Fest with Beer Tokens :-)

LOL - there will be some surprises and I hope to see you in the live stream of my session on the 8th.

Will do a promotion post for this with all links.

Thanks for the beer pin while we were riding the BTS Skyway here in Bangkok. Have some !DERANGED

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Hey @detlev, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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