Shaman Knowledge - Shaman Attributes: Drum and Drumstick Video / Schamanenwissen - Schamanenattribute: Trommel und Klöppel Video

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In this short video I want to show the drum and the drumstick in motion.

In diesem kurzen Video will ich die Trommel und den Klöppel in Bewegung zeigen.


In addition to the posture, the sound and another application of the drumstick I tell something about the background how I got the drum.

Neben der Haltung, dem Klang und einer weiteren Anwendung des Klöppels erzähle ich etwas zum Hintergrund wie ich zu der Trommel kam.

Video 6 minutes


See you next time! / Bis nächstes Mal!

Thank you for your attention! / Danke für Deine Aufmerksamkeit!

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      Schaman Gerbert      IMG_6013kkk-th112.JPG

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Another wonderful and interesting video by @schamangerbert sir..
Smart drum...wel done sir...
Always upvoted ur posts...

In our country India, we too had instrument like your drum but it is somewhat different and a stick to beat it..but it got vanished nowadyas only in few areas they are using it. When i was small, I can remember that my grandfather used drum to play....what it(drum) is made up of? Any skin?
This is our drum
images (3).jpeg
You are looking an ancient man living in modern world and behind you there is a cloth with a print of vinayaka which is related to India. Do u have any relations to our country @schamangerbert ?
Forgot to say i sponsored you to steembasicincome

wow! thanks for making this video.
Now I can see how it looks/sounds like
the drum and rumsticks. A real shaman's intruments.
I like the stick it has a very unique appearance.
A real treasure...

Sehr cool! :)

Danke für den interessanten Beitrag. Hier in Bali gibt es viele Shamane und und die meisten arbeiten mit Räucherstäbchen und verschiedenen Düfte. Ich nehme an, dass die Arbeitsinstrumente auch je nach Kultur verschieden sind? Viele Grüsse

This is what we expect from you sir this is so special for me.

Fantastisch, das erste Mal, dass ich dieses Werkzeug sehe :) es ist normalerweise im Museum, das wir diese Antike finden können

Very cool Mr. @schamagerbert

This is a really nice and special drum!
I don’t think I can find any drum like this in my country!
I will have to find out whether there were any Red Indians living here!


Excellent work that you do my dear brother
@schamangerbert , but I have a concern why it is said that the tabor is alive or must be alive to perform the cures ?.

Keep going...


In the post about the drum, in Part 1, it is explained. If it is still unclear, ask again, please.

first time i see..........totally different kind of musical instrument..........always i like your ritual music......

Excellent video you are a professional in that now :)

This is so cool sir thanks a lot for sharing have a great day.

NICE Video that's something really awesome to see :)

too good it was excellent thanks for sharing such an interesting post

Great my dear friend

its so good to enjoy looks really awesome :)

the video helped to learn so many things about it wow that was great to see you

simply outstanding to check that out nice work

this one describe about the drum and its stick in perform shaman knowledge.

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