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Hello all friends,
I Love to play the Games on Blockchain. I keep on exploring the new games and if I like then I add then to my list.
Rising Star is one of them... I am playing the game from more then one month but never posted on same.

Start as a lowly busker and work your way up to a global mega star! Earn StarBits by completing tasks and trade or use them to purchase cards in game to progress your music career.

The game is in Alpha Stage and It is always good to join in early stage.

Till now I have total 26423 Starbits in my game account which has the total value on 11.04 Hive. You need minimum 1000 Starbits in your account to withdraw.


You can use your Hive user name and keys to login the game.
If you have the Hive account straight forward you can use that if you don't have then you can create the new instant Hive account on hiveonboard. Feel free to use my referral link by clicking here
Note : - Keychain is the only way to login into game.


Working of Game

To get started Start a Mission to accrue Starbits.


You have to complete the mission and at the end of the mission you will receive the Starbits. The amount of Starbits is depends on the type of mission you completed.


Their are some prerequisite to start certain mission.


As you can check in the above picture to complete the mission you required the predefined Fan following, Level in game and Energy. It also shows then Starbits you will earn after completion of the mission (in above it will vary from 1 to 13).


Complete as much as mission as possible to level up and earn more Starbits.

You can check the mission completed under achievement. I have competed total 1152 mission till now.



I am playing the game from more then a week and really like it.

You can use my referral link and start playing the game.

Thanks for stopping by my post.

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