Far Left Militia Leader Arrested for Simple Assualt.

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It's not every day you get to watch how the police force plays out in civil insurrections.
It's even less often when news of the facts make it to the papers.

Make no doubt, dear reader, Dec21st, 2012 was the end of the world as we knew it.
The world, as we knew it, was ruled by force.

I don't know if you've ever had a bully on top of you, but telling that emotional timebomb that you love him and forgive him is very unlikely to help in the near term.
If you are not lucky it will make him recognize the weakness within him self and cause him to kill you.
It's just how violent domination of others plays out.

If you have never tried physically dominating others, I recommend against that, too.
It's very addictive.

I, in no way, advocate for you to get up off your duff and join in the violence, in fact, I hope you don't have to do that.
Leave it to the professionals,...

For those of us that have been physically attacked by the bullies, please don't stab us in the back while we do what we has to be done.
IF we don't do it now, by the time they get to you there won't be anybody left to stop them from doing it to you, too.

Violence sucks, there are no winners.
Both sides commit evils.
Both sides lose the moral high ground.
But to ask those physically attacked by the system to not strike back is asking them to hurry up and help with tying the noose.
It's like having convicts put up the fence around the prison.

The statists are very serious about maintaining their dominance, hell, they put poison in your food and then tell you about it, and you just keep eating it like you have any other choice.
They flood the flashylight box with contradicting information and you just go on as if there is nothing wrong.

If they haven't come for you, yet, it's because you either serve a purpose in their plan, or you are just too milquetoast to matter to them, at this point.
They will clean you up later by offering you food to come in from the cold.



It's not just the food that they poison, dear reader, how much 'network programming' do you get in a week?
If you haven't read any Bernays, or Springmeier, you don't even know why they call it programming, huh?

If you want to get busy building the new, rather than fighting off the old, here are some outlines that will set you to thinking.

The first one is a short story that won prizes in 1951 for science fiction.

And Then There Were None, by E.F. Russell.

It does a good job of outlining how life will look without a ruling elite, and how to stump that ruling elite without violence.
F I-W!

This next one also does a good job of making life without a ruling elite sucking our life blood from us look as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Looking Backwards by Ed Bellamy 1887

Not surprising that I found this in a small, exclusive library, the public ones had removed it years ago in favor of the newer propaganda viewpoints.
All hail, Crapitalism!!

Don't expect any ideas from after WWII to not come with a viewpoint.
The people that put the Nazi's in power for WWII won the war, they just went underground for 50 years before the outliers began to wise up.

Eric Whoru was challenging jurisdiction in the 60's.
I used his webpage because it is his own words, but if you want to use his ideas in court, you are better off with @MarcStevens, he does a better job of communicating with customers.
Eric was in his 80's when I shook his hand some years ago.
If you are near Yellville, Arkansas, I hope you look him up, he is an unsung American hero.

'There is no such thing as a gov't, there is simply a gang of men and women that force perfect strangers to pay and obey them.'

For those of you not ready to go that far, it's time.

Wise up your friends, dear reader, the hour is getting late.

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aqui mi visita amigo,saludos y gracias por su apoyo

amigo la violencia no trae nada bueno mejor es vivir en paz con mucho respeto. gracias por su apoyo dios lo bendiga y lo premie.


Thank you.
You are very lucky to live where the problems of money are not as developed.
Here life has much drama.