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jajajjahahahaha best one

Ripple holders are annoyed now

hahahhaa washing their pussies ? 😂😂

LOL... so true. No one can answer the hard question of what gives the XRP token value. Ripple and XRP are two different cats. Not one in same like every other Crypto eco-system economics. Ripple more valuable than ETH according to the outstanding supply. Can anyone explain why XRP has value, apart from Ripple the company? Anyone?



Yeah. I like how the CEO of xrp is claiming ripple is decentralized. Lol

Nothing like creating a cryptocurrency that is control by banks the exact reason why crypto was created in the first place TO NOT BE CONTROLLED!

Crypto + Ripple = Cripple

I don't believe in XRP. It is decentralized, out of the purpose of crypto, i heard Soros is behind that project.

True. Or Looks like they might be airdropping EOS.



I guess we are on the same side..

Haha.. Most of my holdings are XRP, but I still think this is funny. The comments are too. Nice.