Ripple Marketcap is 11.2 Billion! Yeah... OK

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Maybe I'm missing the value in Ripple

Maybe I'm just as confused as the rest of everyone else

Your telling me Ripple is currently valued at $3 Billion over Ethereum?

I'm calling this a definite

At just around 40k SATs, XRP Will over-take bitcoin!

But I'm not buying


What is Ripples Major Function?
Why Ripple?
Why 11Billion?

If you can legitimately explain why Ripple is worth 11Billion...
I'll give you a Steem Dollar

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Ripple is centralized so be careful there are also zillions of them. I think the big banks(money) are playing with it right now to use among each other to move big money without the crazy price fluctuation the other crypto's would do. The amounts in ripple are huge so when they move them out the price should revert to lower ones. When big money or banks are in ripple though it provides an excellent way to trade for other crypto's fast and most likely stealthy. So we may see some big up moves in other coins when and if they move it. I see it as real good news. Here is a post I wrote on crypto for newbies:

That is interesting, i knew about banks owning a large % but i didnt think they would be pumping billions into it.
Pretty risky move
Anyways, i made out nice when it first started its pump, but never thought it would go 10k and beyond

Thanks for Your comment @greenman Just followed You, I joined Steemit yesterday.

And I probably shouldn't mention this but I worked in the Bond market with some of
the Fortune 100... however I lost my job & my career at one point because of my honesty
as a "whistle-blower". Even though I have a lot less money now, I am MUCH more Happy now
than I ever was back then.

Cheers !!

Ripple is a cryptocurrency created and owned 70% by the Banks.
it follows it's own logic ...I owned some Ripple for speculation for a short while but it is not a pure crypto currency and as mentioned here above - it was created by Banks and the majority of it is owned by Banks

The big question is high will the pump reach. They have pretty deep pockets to play with after all.

The shit will hit the fan if it takes over bitcoins cap

Thanks for Your post @generation.easy I'm no expert but most of the respected crypto people out there don't like Ripple because they are connected with the established global banks. This may explain why & how Ripple has been able to jump so high in such a short period of time.

Again most of the experts I follow may be willing to trade Ripple for a profit but few of them ever talk about holding Ripple for the long term.

I personally would rather own ETH, BTC, STEEM and other alt coins that are NOT connected or influenced by the conventional banking system.

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Im liking eth more and more each day. With all the coins being built ontop of the network, and the widespread smart contract adoption.
This coin should not be valued less than xrp, just my opinion though.

I totally agree, but I'm no expert.

AND... Thanks for Your post because I didn't even notice that huge jump in market cap for Ripple
in less than 24 hours. Both ETH & Ripple were almost the same market cap very early this morning.

Definitely seem like some market rigging to me...

Cheers !!

Welcome to cryptoland!
Look at the past charts.
Ripple is up 50x in like 4months

11.2 bln? NOPE.
12.4 Bln. right now. Burst, m-f*er, burst...

Lol, another 1billion injected in less than 24hrs...
Like really, someone rich is high on drugs buying this up

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