JP Morgan seems very warm to Ripple

in #ripple5 years ago

While JP Morgan article doesn't actually mention Ripple, I thought I'd bring the communities attention to several parts of this article that easily shows how much JPM appreciate the magnitude of Ripple.

1) "Time to get off the sidelines Many asset managers have taken a wait-and-see approach, under the assumption that any eventual cost savings or opportunities will flow downstream. We believe this is a mistake."

Sounds a lot to me like JP understand the HUGE cost benefits and are going to act fast in order to get the competitive edge.

2) I cant seem to add the photo in, however if you look at the table on the website under the subheading "Time to get off the sideline" there is a table with different benefits of blockchain, like cost saving, there is then also a colour allocated to the impact on a certain aspect of a company.

The most exciting part thing that I saw in this table was under "Retirement of redundant infrastructure" is a dark blue box, referring to the cost savings as "Major Benefit".

Clearly JP Morgan has or will see the huge infrastructure savings made possible with XRapid and XRP which will eliminate 27 trillion $ worth of Nostro Vostro accounts.

I'd also just like to say to the whole community that although its hard to remember, us investors are so so early in this "marathon". As Garlinghouse said recently, in contrast to the .com bubble in this technology breakthrough the little investors can get there before the institutional investors. Remember that... Wall Street is a long way off and when they do come we'll be the ones laughing.


I think that cryto as steem, ripple are the ones that have more opportunities in the future of the cryptomonedas, ripple for being able to be regulated, and steem is a work of art the blockchain and clean. where it can be used in a legal way, nothing of bad uses on the part of criminals, bitcoin is prefer to criminal, drog, terrori and otheeers

It would be great to see a crypto that is as affordable as ripple hit the big time. I’ve heard a lot of speculation lately that perhaps ripple is the real thing, and possibly the next crypto to really hit it big. Even though I realize that many diehard crypto fans kinda dislike ripple because of its possible big bank attraction, the investment side of me, at least, couldn’t care less. I wholeheartedly believe that decentralization is a great ideology, but at least for now, I’d be inclined to follow the money. Thanks for the article!!

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