How to buy XRP (Ripple)?

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Easy way to exchange your USD/EUR to XRP with credit card. Install Atomic.

Ripple and XRP

Ripple is a funds transfer company that created RippleNet and XRP. XRP is a digital asset running on it’s own blockchain. The main purpose behind XRP was to create a decentralized custodial free payment system which will use another consensus algorithm than Bitcoin. The project was initially based on the idea that you can exchange any asset or goods by using XRP ane currency bridges (exchange your currency to XRP and then transfer it to the other address via public ledger in just a couple of seconds).

Ripple features

In XRP the system is handles by the verified or trusted nodes from the UNL (unique node lits) owned by the Ripple company and third parties. Two years ago it was possible to critise the project, but nowadays XRP is working hard to make their network more decentralized and trustless. Don’t trust, verify!
More than 150 nodes are running all over the globe right now and only 10 are governed by Ripple. In the past there were only 10 nodes and the whole XRP Ledger was governed by Ripple company. To decrease the risk of any failures in the validation Ripple decided to make a devirsification of nodes by their region, computing powers and other requirements. They validate tranasctions and protect the network from any maliscious actions. For example, to make changes into the blockchain the whole majority of nodes (80%) should vote for two weeks for these changes. Every node has only one vote, it’s fair and trustless.

The next step for centralization will be to decrease Ripple nodes from validation. Ripple will decrease the number of self-governed nodes with every two newcomers to the UNL (unique node list). Then every node will receive their own Token (unique number) that will be used for Vailidators Rotation. And the final step for the nearest future will be implementing Cobalt consensus algorithm.

Sound impressive, isn’t it?

XRP real world use cases

Ripple is working with different financial institutions (banks and etc.) to provide a better and faster option for cross-border money transfer and exhange.

Buy XRP (Ripple) instantly

Now you can Buy Ripple with a bank card easily! All you need to do is just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download Atomic Wallet
  2. Choose the amount you'd like to receive. Maximum daily amount is $ 20,000.
  3. Here you can see a verification form to fill out. The further transaction processing will be performed via Simplex, an EU certified card processing company.
  4. Receive crypto to your Atomic wallet address. The whole process takes up to 25 minutes, on average.

Still have some questions? feel free to contact us via support or in our official Telegram chat. Wanna learn more about our product? Visit our webpage or read the whitepaper.

What to know before buying XRP (Ripple)?


  • Legal age
  • Valid Visa or Mastercard
  • Passport or ID in English.
  • 20 minutes of your time.

Download Atomic Wallet

Exchange process

  • Fill out the Billing Info:

  • Enter the payment details:

  • Verify your phone and email

  • Attach the scan of your ID

  • That's it!

  • Check your transaction ID and status in the Transaction History tab

Download Atomic and buy Ripple in a simple way. If you want to learn more about exchange process and other details, please visit our Knowledge base.

Download Atomic Wallet here:

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