Can you solve this riddle for a STEEM prize?

in riddle •  8 months ago

What five letter word can you remove two letters from and be left with one?


There is a small prize of 0.005 STEEM for the winner and three 0.001 STEEM runner up prizes.

The winner is the first correct answer. After 7 days the runners up will be randomly selected. I will use a random number generator and assign numbers to all correct answers and the three chosen will win (It's a small prize but just for fun). After 7 or 8 days I post an answer/identify the correct answer and pay out the rewards.

Please optionally upvote if you like this post or give an answer, have fun!

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Well done @unsaymono you got a correct answer first! Rewards have now been paid to everyone.

Had the answer here, but letting others get it.

There are multiple answers to this, it seems.


There are certainly more than one :P

Alone minus two letters is (still) one. ;-)


Thats a bit of a sad one really


I have no clue but this seems right lol Phone!


Shone, money, stone, phone, alone, loner....