PRIZE DELIVERED of riddle's last week, it's #14

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What's up ridd-ler's, so the prize's of last week's post pay out has received. Of course, if I recieved it then I don't have anything to do. I'll send them right away. Yeah, it was already delivered and it's ashamed that only a little. There are 10 of you joined the game so you received 0.020 steem each. @wovlou, @olivia08, @deantonio, @dreemsteem, @kendra19, @chrismadcboy2016, @setting, @cdaveboyles23, @amayphin and @charnie. Thank you for participating guy's, this game continues because of your participation.

By the way I didn't answer about the special edition kn Saturday about where the adult came from. The answer of it is from being a child or childhood. If you received 0.200 steem, then you didn't get the correct answer. Anyway even though it's just a little steem, it will be big if we're going to save it.

Just keep on writing and share some photos that will make the curators caught their attention. By the way I noticed some of you didn't earn much of every post. Just a little advice, I'm not sure if it will be helpful. Check the correct tag of your post. Even though you shares photography you should put some explanation there. If you went to a place and shared photo's. I think it will be the best if you tell the steemians what did you do there.

But if you really have a pretty photo, that will be an exception. Anyway, my post is short so I just share something to talk to. It's not that important anyway because it depends on you. And I'm not saying I earned much but you know I earned a little. What will happen to you if you don't earn a little. You'll be disappointed but don't be, because it's our actions must be blamed about it.

Anyway...anyway thank you for reading..

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No riddle tonight?? :)

haha of course there will be, by the way I have a short story. You're good in writing so I hope you don't mind reading my fiction story.

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Send me a link in DM :)

yes I did, Hehe so shy to let you read it. hahaha

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Not at all! Never be shy! This is how we grow :)

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  ·  19 days ago (edited)

So I will be telling that old story of Lola basyang the maligno?
Thanks for the prize but hey you're in steemit to earn from your content but at the same time writing what you want if I am not profiting from it then let it be, steemit is my cats diary.

hoy.. it's not you what I was talking, aba defensive ha..alam ko style mo kaya hindi ka kasali nito, by the way nabasa mo ang kahapong tanong..maganda yon, binida kita.haha

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Hoy I know what you're talking about but I didn't read your story yesterday I am figuring out what to write haha

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andoon sa riddle kahapon, absent ka kasi kahapon kaya sumali kana

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  ·  19 days ago (edited)

Hindi ako absent di ko nakita yun, nasagot ko na