A few easy steps to RFID chip all of us...

in #rfid5 years ago (edited)

Step 1 - Put RFID chips in pets. Surely, no-one will complain about being able to easily identify their lost cat or dog? The RFID chip is of great benefit!

Step 2 - Put RFID chips in expensive cars and machinery. Surely, no-one will complain about being able to easily identify their stolen car or expensive machinery? The RFID chip is of great benefit!

Step 3 - Put locators on sex offenders. Surely, no-one will complain about sex predators being easily identifiable?

Step 4 - Put locators on other serious criminals... same reasons.

Step 5 - Put locators into mobile phones and watch almost everyone carry around a device that lets the authorities track them throughout the day. Credit cards and passports are all chipped.

Step 6 - Provide technology that offers incentives for normal citizens to want a RFID chip. Let them wave their hands at car doors, computer laptops and other devices so they operate without needing switches.

Step 7 - Destroy all paper based fiat currency and force people to use digital fiat currency.

Step 8 - Offer digital cash incentives and positive social programs that explain how having a RFID chip inside you will assist you at all times during the day.

Step 9 - Demonise the people who refuse to accept the benefits of the RFID chip and threaten to take away their benefits or charge them more digital currency for equivalent services offered to others who have RFID chips.

Step 10 - Force people to have a RFID chip put inside them.

Now, I'm not saying that it will all play out exactly like this. But it's clear to see the first six steps have already happened. It's up to us to resist the progression through to Step 10. Fight every step of the way. Don't let the bastards win!



Keep fighting the good fight. I for one am not looking forward to the day where our ever thought, action, etc is tracked - even though we are already heading there very rapidly

I might escape it. My duty is to make sure my children escape it and they can do the same... We can only hope.

best way to make sure they escape is to chip them...then you will know. #HailPaul

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