La Vendedor - Lesson Eight

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Karla stood by her master rigidly without any facial expression. It was evident that she was waiting for Joey’s instructions so she could perform her duties as expected. By now, the crowd became increasingly captivated by her look and puzzled by her role at this AA meeting. The middle-aged salesman could hear random gossips among the crowd and knew that he must immediately seize the opportunity to woo and win them over without delay.

“Listen up guys, I know what you all are thinking right now! Confused, shocked or just downright impressed, huh? Tell you what, let me have Karla play a little mind game with all of you so you know what I’m talking about!” teased Joey.

“That sounds great dude. BTW, can a robot become an alcoholic?” an old wrinkly looking fellow raised his hand in the air.

“Yah, Billy is right! Can your robot drink just like us folks here?” echoed a dark-skinned lady wearing a large blue cap.

“Look people, it will be counterproductive to waste your precious resources on programming your robot to become a drunk, am I right? Let’s use your robot wisely and you will reap the rewards time after time.” smiled the convincing Joey.

“And your point is?” bawled the same dark-skinned lady.

“Please explain to us Joey, we have no idea what your robot can do!” the AA instructor suggested.

“Alright then, Karla is my walking and talking wealth machine and she helps me make money! Just to be clear, she is my financial advisor and wealth coach!” the middle-aged salesman pointed his index finger at the robot and exclaimed loudly.

“Evidence man, evidence!” the crowd yelled in unison.

“Show us what you mean Joey.” the man with the tattooed face howled.

“Certainly, Karla, please educate the crowd on how to pick the right stocks!” the middle-aged salesman turned his body and gazed at the robot attentively.

The robot began to throw out a few unfamiliar stock ticker symbols and ranked them according to their winning probabilities. Joey lit up a wicked grin as the bewildered crowd fixated on Karla’s every single move.

“Are these stocks for real?” the tall and skinny instructor asked.

“They are for real and if you buy them tonight, you will make boatloads of money within 48 hours!” remarked Karla.

“How do we know for sure?” the same dark-skinned lady stood up and challenged the robot fiercely.

“They are for real and if you buy them tonight, you will make boatloads of money within 48 hours!” Karla gave the same response as before.

“Hey Joey, I hope that you and your robot friend are not freaking scammers man!” shouted a young man with a deep scar on his face.

“People, when Karla speaks, you should listen and listen well!” the middle-aged salesman offered his advice to the crowd.

“So, what is the next step?” questioned the same dark-skinned lady.

Stay tuned.

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